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Fireside (Bel) DemoNtape (1991)



‘Fireside’, from the Kortrijk area, was Piet Geldhof (guitar/vocals), Geert ‘Barney’ Blomme (drums), Rine Amelynck (bass) and ‘Kyvie’ Johan Dekyvere (vocals/guitar). They had their roots in many other bands from the city on the ‘golden river’ (e.g. ‘Zombie Noise’, ‘Dallas Memorial Hospital’ – an absurd noisecombo with 4 singers – & ‘The Valentine Girls’ – read below). They were/are part of to the scene around the indie club The Pits. Vinyl-wise they have a split-7″ (together with ‘Party At Vanzetti’s‘) with live-tracks recorded at Democrazy (Ghent 92-04-18).

‘Fireside’s music was described by ‘connaisseurs’ as “heavy guitar-rock”. My review in Tilt! #7 goes as follows: >>These lads seem to pretend they’re professionals and take their music very serious… Midtempo garage-rock (‘The Stooges’?) with Iggy Pop’s Belgian nephew singing. I suppose they’re OK in what they’re doin’ but it’s just not my cup of tea.<<

When ‘Fireside’ split up, Rine, ‘Barney’ & ‘Kyvie’ continued as ‘Faroutski’ (a “punkrock’n’roll” band, “DIY in the tradition of old punk-bands”). Theses released their material on their own Funarchy label (previously Rocklabyrinth recs). Later, ‘Dee Jaywalker’ Dominique Decandt of the ‘Definitivos’ joined. Rine formed the ‘The Lovehandles’ and is now in ‘Unwanted Tattoo’ (with ‘Barney’).


Teenage Warning (Hol) demo (1995)


side A: Punk Ass Motherfucker / New Reality / Keep The Beat

side B: Don’t Go With The Flow / Easier Said Than Done / Wicked While

The www informs us this band was “Active as a punk-band since 1980 but called themselves a punk-hardcore band since 1998.”… The guys were from Wormer (village North of Amsterdam, home of the legendary scene with bands such as ‘Zowiso’, ‘Svätsox’, etc. and Villa Zuid squat). Danny ‘Firsetone’ Weeland (guitar/vocals; R.I.P.) & Tjakko Kleimeer (drums) had been in ‘N.V. Le Anderen’. Danny & Tjakko were also in ‘N.V. Boys’ in-between. Bert Martens (ex ‘Legal Axion’ from Groningen) played the bass in ‘T.W.’. This ‘demo’ is actually entitled Punk Ass Motherfucker. Before this (1994) they also released a self-titled tape and a 7″ (Salt Lake City).

Tilt! #9: >>The Wormer-genre used to be a standard in the old days so let’s check this out… They’re opening with a song based on a riff that is a mix of Smells Like Teen Spirit and that catchy Rollerball-thing by Kim Deal’s band. Pretty trendy and far away from the orginal Wormer-style: fast and uplifting melodic HC that rocks your socks of. No pretentions. Or is this just entertainment? You tell me…<<

Siren (USA) Becoming Wheels; tape (1995)



Brian ‘Zero’ Hodgman, Maximum Rock’n’Roll columnist, and I were getting along quite well: he’d written an article on Corporate Punk for M.R.R. (That and others were compiled in a booklet entitled Major Labels – Some Of Your Friends Are Already This Fucked. I helped distribute that and it influenced me substantially.) If I remember correctly we met at the Vort’n Vis (he wrote a column about it). He got ‘stuck’ in Europe, it seems, as he’s now a teacher in Prague…

On this tape Brian was accompanied by Kevin McCracken (drums) – both had been in the band ‘Engage’ (also from Santa Rosa, California) before – and Adam Glidewell (guitar) & Joe Carr (bass). The same people played on the 1994 7″ (In The Absence Of The Sacred). The tracks on the tape also appeared on the LP that Miroslav ‘Mira’ Pátý released on his label Day After recs (’97), that was with bassist Felix Thursday and drummer Nate Lamar.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Politically aware HC/punk from the MRR-scene. Totally uplifting and energetic melodic, with inspired vocals. Get a kick out of these 4 great singalong tunes after a hard day’s work! All this however doesn’t mean it’s mindless crap; on the contrary. When Brian & Adam were over here, I quickly noticed they didn’t have sawdust in their heads. The words to their songs tell about the liberalist mechanisms installed in our capitalist free-market societies, where everything and everyone is for sale. Jeeez, this is great stuff!<<

Kevin also provided some extra original recordings from that session (I’d Like To Know / What Progress) including a song that was never released anywhere else (What We Need).

If anyone wants to read more about the band: ‘‘Siren’ interview in Sanjam #4 & sirentheband.wordpress (website by Brian’s sister Miriam Wilding Hodgman – R.I.P.)…

‘Siren’ @ Epicenter Zone (San Francisco) 1994

Tuomiopäivän Lapset (Fin) promo (1996)



Intro / Sodan Uhrit (Victims Of War) / Palavat Poliisit (Burning Police (Wo)Man) / Lopullinen Pommi (The Final Bomb) / Bosnia Itkee (Bosnia Is Crying) / Iloa Tuskasta (Pleasure From Pain) / Vapauden Linnut (Birds Of Freedom) / Pommit Paukkuu (Bombs Go Boom) / Ihminen On Tuhoaja (Man Is The Destroyer) / Kaikki Me Kuolemme (We Will All Die) / Vihan Siemen (Seeds Of Hate) / Kuolema Natseille (Death To Nazis) / Itsekkyyden Uhrit (Victims Of Selfishness) / Raiskaus (Rape)

‘Tuomiopäivän Lapset’ (‘doomsday children’; from Tornio, Finland) sent me this tape because they wanted help to get gigs when they toured in 1998. I got them a date at the Boma Squat in Ghent (98-06-07). Before they had already been playing at the Vort’n Vis (96-07-07). Their singer Sanna Ylimäinen wasn’t on the first tour. The others were Mikko Hietanen (guitar), Kake/Kari (bass) and Ari ‘Altse’ Alatalo (drums, previously in ‘Sorto’). Their music was fast and pissed scandi-thrash: “dis-core with angry shouting vocals singing in Finish, D-beat feeling and bashing drums”.

The tracks on this demo/promo were recorded in May ’96 with the intention to be used for an LP on the Austrian label Fallen recs but that didn’t work out. They eventually ended up on the Painukaa Vittuun double-7″ (released in 1998 by the Finnish label Fight recs).

They did a whole bunch of 7”s, one of which was a split with ‘Disrupt’ on Ecocentric recs. Right after this tour they recorded the EP Saatanan Murhaajat (on the Austrian label Fallen recs) with Weke as vocalist.

Read also this interview Tuomiopäivän Lapset (in Mangelslakt #1)