Tuomiopäivän Lapset (Fin) promo (1996)



Intro / Sodan Uhrit (Victims Of War) / Palavat Poliisit (Burning Police (Wo)Man) / Lopullinen Pommi (The Final Bomb) / Bosnia Itkee (Bosnia Is Crying) / Iloa Tuskasta (Pleasure From Pain) / Vapauden Linnut (Birds Of Freedom) / Pommit Paukkuu (Bombs Go Boom) / Ihminen On Tuhoaja (Man Is The Destroyer) / Kaikki Me Kuolemme (We Will All Die) / Vihan Siemen (Seeds Of Hate) / Kuolema Natseille (Death To Nazis) / Itsekkyyden Uhrit (Victims Of Selfishness) / Raiskaus (Rape)

‘Tuomiopäivän Lapset’ (‘doomsday children’; from Tornio, Finland) sent me this tape because they wanted help to get gigs when they toured in 1998. I got them a date at the Boma Squat in Ghent (98-06-07). Before they had already been playing at the Vort’n Vis (96-07-07). Their singer Sanna Ylimäinen wasn’t on the first tour. The others were Mikko Hietanen (guitar), Kake/Kari (bass) and Ari ‘Altse’ Alatalo (drums, previously in ‘Sorto’). Their music was fast and pissed scandi-thrash: “dis-core with angry shouting vocals singing in Finish, D-beat feeling and bashing drums”.

The tracks on this demo/promo were recorded in May ’96 with the intention to be used for an LP on the Austrian label Fallen recs but that didn’t work out. They eventually ended up on the Painukaa Vittuun double-7″ (released in 1998 by the Finnish label Fight recs).

They did a whole bunch of 7”s, one of which was a split with ‘Disrupt’ on Ecocentric recs. Right after this tour they recorded the EP Saatanan Murhaajat (on the Austrian label Fallen recs) with Weke as vocalist.

Read also this interview Tuomiopäivän Lapset (in Mangelslakt #1)

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