Teenage Warning (Hol) demo (1995)


side A: Punk Ass Motherfucker / New Reality / Keep The Beat

side B: Don’t Go With The Flow / Easier Said Than Done / Wicked While

The www informs us this band was “Active as a punk-band since 1980 but called themselves a punk-hardcore band since 1998.”… The guys were from Wormer (village North of Amsterdam, home of the legendary scene with bands such as ‘Zowiso’, ‘Svätsox’, etc. and Villa Zuid squat). Danny ‘Firsetone’ Weeland (guitar/vocals; R.I.P.) & Tjakko Kleimeer (drums) had been in ‘N.V. Le Anderen’. Danny & Tjakko were also in ‘N.V. Boys’ in-between. Bert Martens (ex ‘Legal Axion’ from Groningen) played the bass in ‘T.W.’. This ‘demo’ is actually entitled Punk Ass Motherfucker. Before this (1994) they also released a self-titled tape and a 7″ (Salt Lake City).

Tilt! #9: >>The Wormer-genre used to be a standard in the old days so let’s check this out… They’re opening with a song based on a riff that is a mix of Smells Like Teen Spirit and that catchy Rollerball-thing by Kim Deal’s band. Pretty trendy and far away from the orginal Wormer-style: fast and uplifting melodic HC that rocks your socks of. No pretentions. Or is this just entertainment? You tell me…<<

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