Fireside (Bel) DemoNtape (1991)



‘Fireside’, from the Kortrijk area, was Piet Geldhof (guitar/vocals), Geert ‘Barney’ Blomme (drums), Rine Amelynck (bass) and ‘Kyvie’ Johan Dekyvere (vocals/guitar). They had their roots in many other bands from the city on the ‘golden river’ (e.g. ‘Zombie Noise’, ‘Dallas Memorial Hospital’ – an absurd noisecombo with 4 singers – & ‘The Valentine Girls’ – read below). They were/are part of to the scene around the indie club The Pits. Vinyl-wise they have a split-7″ (together with ‘Party At Vanzetti’s‘) with live-tracks recorded at Democrazy (Ghent 92-04-18).

‘Fireside’s music was described by ‘connaisseurs’ as “heavy guitar-rock”. My review in Tilt! #7 goes as follows: >>These lads seem to pretend they’re professionals and take their music very serious… Midtempo garage-rock (‘The Stooges’?) with Iggy Pop’s Belgian nephew singing. I suppose they’re OK in what they’re doin’ but it’s just not my cup of tea.<<

When ‘Fireside’ split up, Rine, ‘Barney’ & ‘Kyvie’ continued as ‘Faroutski’ (a “punkrock’n’roll” band, “DIY in the tradition of old punk-bands”). Theses released their material on their own Funarchy label (previously Rocklabyrinth recs). Later, ‘Dee Jaywalker’ Dominique Decandt of the ‘Definitivos’ joined. Rine formed the ‘The Lovehandles’ and is now in ‘Unwanted Tattoo’ (with ‘Barney’).


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