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Mass Of Black (UK) Mainline Music; tape (1984)


(side A) Dead & Broke / Rock’n’Roll Hospital / Invasion / Suicide / Atraction / Torment / I Not Normal / Overseer

(side B) Dream Of You / Warrior / Life’s A Day / Untitled / Dying To Live / It’s Called Poverty / Chose Poison

Another one from my mate ‘Mokka’ Geert Mokwinski’s collection. This tape was released on Dick Lucas’s Bluurg. People in the band (from Bolton, near Manchester) were: ‘Biffo’ (Stephen Cowley?) (vocals), ‘Crazy’ Dave Yates (bass), Dill Spitzen (guitar/vocals; ex ‘Gun Control’) and ‘Duffi’/’Smiler’ (drums; R.I.P.). They also did a second tape with a studio (84-09) and a live (in Hull, 84-11-01) side. No idea what became of them, though there was also a person named Dill Spitzen in the breakbeat outfit ‘Pornography’…


I saw them once and still have the demo. Their guitarist used a screwdriver. I heard that one of them was a roadie for the ‘Dangerous Girls’, could be wrong…

Paul Chambers

Emils (Ger) live (Scherpenheuvel, Bel, 87-11-15)



Wir Müssen Draußen Bleiben (We Have To Stay Outside) / Viel Zu Langsam (Far Too Slow) / Gerechtigkeit (Justice) / Hungerlied (Hunger-song) / Das Schöne Leben (The Good Life) / Dumm Punk (Stupid Punk) / Super Gau (Super Awesome) / Wunschkinder (Wish-children) / Wacht Doch Mal Auf (Just Wake Up) / When Does It Stop

[recorded by Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt]

This band from Germany (Hamburg) was touring with ‘Attiude’ (USA) – both had records out on We Bite recs. They played 2 shows in Belgium: 87-11-15 (organised by Hageland Hardcore, with ‘Lärm’ & the German ‘Inhuman Conditions’) & 87-12-11 (organised by Smurfpunx; with ‘C.P.D.’ from Belgium).

Emils’ played fast “crossover” (hardcore/punk with a slight metal edge) with German lyrics. They had just released their first album (Fight Together For…) but some tracks were from their ’87 demo. The line-up was Ilhami ‘Ille’ Dolma (vocals), Sven Carstens (bass), Carsten Zisowsky (drums) and Oliver ‘Olli’ Makris (guitar/vocals).

Enough! (Pol) promo (1998)



Życie To Tylko Łzy (Life Is Only Tears) / Bez Litości (Without Mercy) / Alarm (The Alarm) / Zderzenie Świata (Worlds Of Crash)

‘Enough!’ from Gdansk toured with ‘Infekcja’ in 1998. They played “crust ‘Misery’ style”. Band-members were Piotr (bass; replaced by Adam Musiał on the 7”), Beata Stefanowicz (vocals; not on the 7”), Ewa (Eva) Pawlak (guitar), Jacek (drums) & Tomasz ‘Tomek’ Pawlak (vocals/guitar; later ‘Filth Of Mankind’). Michał ‘Flondra’ Jędrejek (later ‘Filth Of Mankind’ aswell) drummed for the band during that tour… Afterwards, their second bassplayer left and the band stopped playing some time later. They did a self-released tape – Darkside – in ’96, a split-7” with ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Trująca Fala ‘97) and a split-10” with the Croatian ‘Nula’ (Trująca Fala & Malarie recs ‘98).

I believe this tape (which also contains tracks by ‘Infekcja’) was a promo for their tour (organised by Filip Majchrzakowski of the label Trująca Fala). They ended up playing at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-19) and at the Franse Vaart squat in Ghent (98-04-20).


I was a regular drummer, not only on the band’s tour. I joined the band 10 months befor the tour,  replacing Jacek, who quit. The band started to work on new songs but these were never recorded due to the break-up. One of these new tracks was recorded during the tour. Check the third song here.

Currently (2020) I’m playing in ‘Death Crusade’…

Michał Jędrejek

>>Deny Tradition<< (various) compilation (1993)


(A): Machines (Undone) / Begreif Dein Leben (Graue Zellen) / America Loves Ya (No More) / Bulldozer Song (Aargh!) / Homedrivin’ (Gauged) / Terry White (Brawl) / Send To You (Because) / Engrenage (Ivich) / Unanswered (Ulrich W. Modreck) / Love II (Wounded Knee) / Punkrock (Luzifers Mob)

(B): Catalook (Anchoress) / A Piramide (Inkisição) / Everything I Lose (Golgatha) / Poison Pilote (Ivich) / Oceans Filled With Funny Thoughts (D’Rotzbouwen) / Transducer (Sonic Attack) / Planquadrat (Graue Zellen) / Oubli Collectif (Sea Shepherd) / Free Will (No More) / Give Me Hope (Brawl)

The tape came with a 30-page zine dealing with the issue of sexual abuse in modern society (informative articles about child sexual abuse and sex-tourism as well as interviews with four of the bands); unfortunately I can’t seem to find that back. The music and the literature really compliment each other. There are live recordings as well as some studio-material.

A work of Michèle & ‘Brego’; also in the bands ‘Anchoress’ & ‘Because’ and editors of the zine Persons Unknown.

Aargh! (?): …

Anchoress (Esch-sur-Alzette, Lux): Michèle Marnach (vocals), Marc ‘Brego’ Bregoli (bass), Monique Rodrigues (guitar), Stéphan Mackel (guitar), ‘Schof’ Christian Schaeffer (drums)

Because (Mondercange, Lux): Michèle Marnach (vocals), Marc ‘Brego’ Bregoli (bass), ‘Gull’ Alain Gouleven (guitar; later ‘D’Rotzbouwen’), Thierry Thill (drums)

Brawl (Wexford county, Ire): Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie (drums; ex ‘Pink Turds In Space’ & ‘F.U.A.L.’, also ‘Bleeding Rectum’), Alan (bass; Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’ on tours), Murt Flynn (vocals), Greg O’Brien (guitar)

D’Rotzbouwen (Esch-sur-Alzette, Lux): Fränz Laureys (bass), Thierry Thill (drums), Sabrina D’Aurelio (vocals), Ronnie ‘Riot’ (vocals), ‘Gull’ Alain Gouleven (guitar/vocals), Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar)

Golgatha (Heidelberg, Ger): Basti Loewen (vocals), Flo(rian) Kehbel (guitar), Matthias Boxberg (drums), Sascha Dittrich (bass)

Graue Zellen (Bollingstedt, near Flensburg, Ger): Jan Jetter (vocals), Kai Jetter (drums), Knuth Josten (guitar), T.R. (bass)

Gauged (Esch-sur-Alzette, Lux): Marco Vieni (guitar/vocals), Carlo ‘Sloggy’ Dries (bass/vocals), Victor Federspiel (drums/vocals)

Inkisição (Aveiro, Por): Helena ‘Lena’ Paula Burbuleta (vocals), Miguel Angelo Marques Tavares (vocals), Rui Maia (drums), Píncaro/Oliviera (guitar), Sérgio/Píncaro (bass) [José ‘Zé’ Vilão & Rui Ferreira played guitar earlier]

Ivich (Saint-Maurice, Fra): Eric Mirguet (vocals), Yves Maisonneuve (drums; later in ‘Vanilla’), Cédric (bass), Yann Maisonneuve (guitar; later in ‘Vanilla’) & Thierry (trumpet)

Luzifers Mob (Karlsruhe, Ger): Andreas Glaser (drums), Andreas Linde (bass), Henrik Zenker (guitar), Christian Schlächter (vocals)

No More (Differdange, Lux): Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar), Fränz Laureys (bass), Steve ‘Diff’ Differding (vocals), ‘Schof’ Christian Schaeffer (drums)

Sea Shepherd (Orléans, Fra): ‘Bumpy’ (vocals; R.I.P.), Franck Le Poder (guitar; later ‘Autonomia Indigena’), Guillaume Caouissin (bass; also ‘Shatter The Myth’), Paul (drums)

Sonic Attack (Luxemburg, Lux): Dan Gehlen (), …

Ulrich W. Modreck (Lux): Pascal Thiel (vocals), Claude Sales (guitar), Max Capus (drums; R.I.P.), Eric Facchetti (bass)

Undone (Mantes-La-Jolie, Fra): Christophe Mora (drums; here probably still Renaud Mary),’Scholl’ Stéphane Brochier (guitar), ‘Stu’ Stéphane Joly (bass), ‘Sully’ Sullivan Chédanne (vocals)

Wounded Knee (Niederkorn, Lux): ‘Schof’ Christian Schaeffer (drums), René Penning (bass), Phillippe ‘Phlép’ (vocals), Stéphan Mackel (guitar), Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar)