Enough! (Pol) promo (1998)



Życie To Tylko Łzy (Life Is Only Tears) / Bez Litości (Without Mercy) / Alarm (The Alarm) / Zderzenie Świata (Worlds Of Crash)

‘Enough!’ from Gdansk toured with ‘Infekcja’ in 1998. They played “crust ‘Misery’ style”. Band-members were Piotr (bass; replaced by Adam Musiał on the 7”), Beata Stefanowicz (vocals; not on the 7”), Ewa (Eva) Pawlak (guitar), Jacek (drums) & Tomasz ‘Tomek’ Pawlak (vocals/guitar; later ‘Filth Of Mankind’). Michał ‘Flondra’ Jędrejek (later ‘Filth Of Mankind’ aswell) drummed for the band during that tour… Afterwards, their second bassplayer left and the band stopped playing some time later. They did a self-released tape – Darkside – in ’96, a split-7” with ‘Juggling Jugulars’ (Trująca Fala ‘97) and a split-10” with the Croatian ‘Nula’ (Trująca Fala & Malarie recs ‘98).

I believe this tape (which also contains tracks by ‘Infekcja’) was a promo for their tour (organised by Filip Majchrzakowski of the label Trująca Fala). They ended up playing at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (98-04-19) and at the Franse Vaart squat in Ghent (98-04-20).


I was a regular drummer, not only on the band’s tour. I joined the band 10 months befor the tour,  replacing Jacek, who quit. The band started to work on new songs but these were never recorded due to the break-up. One of these new tracks was recorded during the tour. Check the third song here.

Currently (2020) I’m playing in ‘Death Crusade’…

Michał Jędrejek

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