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5Les (Bel) live (Maasmechelen, Bel, 89-11-19)



Wild Days / Two Fisted Politics / Justice For All / Space 4 Hire / Wavelengths / Subversive Riddle Dance / Human Thing / All Over Again / Power of Sheer Happiness / instrumental

(thanks to Chris Dexters, Onno Hesselink & ‘Izzy’ for help)

Onno Hesselink did Peace Or Annihilation fanzine while still studying graphic design at St-Lukas Brussel. With his friends Erik VdV & Koen DC he tried to set up a band (‘WC Papier’ [toiletpaper]) but that didn’t really work out. Het go together with people of De Finkel-scene (youth-centre/punk-venue in the Brussels’ suburb Jette) for a band called ‘Hyperactive Children’ (with legendary scenester ‘Kockie’ doing vocals). That didn’t last long but out of that setting grew ‘Indecency’, with – besides Onno on guitar – Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass; who had been in the band ‘Pest’, a precursor of the garagenoise-outfit ‘Bad Preachers’), Dirk Jans (drums; also ‘Deviant Gedrag’) and Chris Dexters (vocals). ‘Indecency’ played gigs from the summer of ’87 until early ’88. Smurfpunx invited them twice (87-07-05 & 87-12-12). They supported ‘M.D.C.’ at a Hageland Hardcore gig (87-11-22), etc.

I believe ‘Indecency’s singer Chris didn’t wanna do shows anymore (he kept writing the lyrics though) so they changed the name into ‘5Les’ after finding a new singer in the person of Fons Ceuppens (ex ‘Anguish’ & ex ‘Taartje Aardbei’ bassist). The others remained Filip (bass), Dirk (drums/vocals) & Onno (guitar). Werner of Hageland recs put out their 3 releases: the EPs Two Fisted Politics EP (1988) & 100.000 Eyes EP (1988; MRR: “Mid to uptempo pop-ish punk with full production and harmonic vocals. Reminiscent of ‘M.I.A.’ or DC type ’emo-core’ à la ‘Dag Nasty’or ‘Ignition’.”), and the LP Wild Daze (1989; presented with a show @ Democrazy in Ghent, 89-06-30). Onno labels their music as “art-core”…

I think they started playing around July ’88 and soon after did a tour (Italy/Switzerland/Germany/The Netherlands) with ‘Political Asylum’. At some timepoint Iz(z)y (Isidoor) Holvoet (also ex ‘Deviant Gedrag’) joined on second guitar. He played this show here (89-11-19 @ Jagersborg, Maasmechelen, together with the Welsh ‘CowboyKillers’ & Dutch ‘Swampsurfers’ – read the interview with Fons that was done that day.). ‘Izzy’ also kindly contributed the tracks… Their last show I’m aware of was in support of ‘False Prophets’ (‘Animal Day’, Aalst, 91-09-22). But in the end they had another bassist (Koen) and singer (Kristof)… There was also a demotape from 1992.

‘Boulle’ – Fons – Dirk – Onno

@ VanHall squat, Amsterdam (Ned), 1988

@ Metzgerstraße squat, Hanau (Ger), 1988

Corrupted Morals ‎(USA) Think About It…; tape (1986)



Mad Reign / Second Chance / Big Man / Quality Control / Money Goes Round / No Assholes / No Place To Hide / Think About It / Go Home / What? / Selfishness And Greed / Welcome To Reality

A tape from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection.

I got to know this band when spending some time in San Francisco (where I got their 7″, entitled Chet, out on Lawrence Livermore’s LookOut! recs). Their music (fast HC/thrash) reminded me of ‘Attitude Adjustment’ & ‘Stikky’. The band was part of the Gilman Street scene (Maximum Rock’n’Roll). This here is their first tape, it was recorded with Joel Wing (bass), Jose Mariscal (drums), Ray Sebastion (guitar) & Dan Boland (guitar; R.I.P.) – all ex ‘Desecration’ from California (not the one from Arizona) – and Rick ‘DH’ Morgan (vocals). 6 of these songs were re-released on a 7″ (on David Hayes’ label Very Small recs); others appeared on various compilations (e.g. The Thing That Ate Floyd, which I also brought home from my trip to the Bay Area).

Stel’s review in Metallised #8:

Sliced Pimples (Den) No Parental Advisory; demo (1987) & promo (1989)


Demo (A): Hatred / Dogcatchers Lust / Boris Becker & His Barbeques / Jeg Går Og Hedder Frede (I Go And Honor Peace) / Want More Coffee?

Demo (B): Reverend Straight Edge / You Ate My Goldfish / Raping Nuns (Out Of Mercy) / God Is Pissing On Us Again / Let Me Pee In Your Breakfast

Promo: Movie Lovers / Natascha The Wardmaid / Pavement Decorator

These tapes are from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection. The tracks on the promo-tape also appeared on the band’s second LP (Fuckin’ Serious Guess Why…?); some of the demo on their first (Brains Condemned To Serious Laughter) – both released on Rock Owl recs (Kim Ejnar Kofod’s label).

The drummer of ‘Sliced Pimples’ was Andreas Ludvigsen (who was also in ‘Leben Und Leben Lassen’ and replaced Per M. Hansen here). The other guys here were bassist Niels Tholstrup (demo)/ Jonny ‘Paw’ Andersen (promo), vocalist Claus Andersen, and guitarists Per M. Hansen (demo)/ Kim Knudsen & Tim Lynge (promo). The band was based in Odense and played thrash/crossover. Their (anti-PC) lyrics were “not meant to be taken seriously”. They also supported some major metal bands…


‘Sliced Pimples’: Andreas – Jonny – Tim – Kim – Claus

I believe I got this demo from Andreas Ludvigsen at the ‘L.U.L.L.’ concert in Neerpelt [Dec. ’87]. Also bought a T-shirt that I wore to shreds …



>>Before The Light Stops<< (various) compilation (1987)


This one is from the collection of ‘Pik’ (‘The Dirty Scums’)…

Uwe Mindrup from Hasbergen (near Osnabrück, Germany) released plenty of compilations through Durchbruch tapes (84-87). He also did the fanzine Der Durchbruch (“the breakthrough“) and released some vinyl. This tape has 69 songs by 27 bands (3 C60 tapes in a videotape-box). Most tracks come from tapes/records released in/around 1987.

side 1: Hole III (‘Gary Slip’) / I Understand (‘Double Faith’) / Dummer Junge (‘F.F.F.’) / Optimismus (‘Messer’) / No More Pain (‘Stand To Fall’) / It’s My Life (‘The Dirty Scums’) / Atonement (‘Gary Slip’) / Before That (‘Double Faith’) / Innocence’s Lost (‘Messer’) / Missunderstandings (‘Stand To Fall’)

side 2: Song For Rudi (‘The Dirty Scums’) / What Is Better (‘Double Faith’) / Destitution (‘Destitution’) / Insanity (‘Hoax’) / New Start (‘Stand To Fall’) / At Least I Try (‘Scoundrels’) / Lucy (‘Messer) / A Provocation Of The State (‘The Dirty Scums’) / Is It Real? (‘Destitution’) / Choice Of Pain (‘Stand To Fall’) / Ugly Barons (‘Hoax’)

side 3: Daydreamer (‘Scoundrels’) / Symptoms Gone (‘Storemage’) / A Cloud Was Hanging In Your Room (‘Animal Crackers’) / Nightmare On Elm Street (‘Bloodfeast A.D.’) / Kill Ourselves (‘Trendy Complain’) / Sick Brain In A Sick Body (‘Bad Attitude’) / Propaganda Girls (‘Storemage’) / Der Exorzist (‘Hoax’) / Drug Addict (‘Bloodfeast A.D.’)

side 4: Kada Ostanem Sam (‘Vrisak Generacije’) / Say No (‘Scoundrels’) / Lovers In Fire, Lovers In Rain (‘Animal Crackers’) / Surf’s Up (‘M.D.L.’) / Another Day (‘Crimpshrine’) / My Brain (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’) / Der Tod (‘Deliverance’) / ΚΑΜΜΊΑ ΕΛΠιΔΑ [Campaign Of Hope] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Too Tightly Bound (‘M.D.L.’) / Your Mind (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’)

side 5: Adaption Or Resistance (‘Bad Attitude’) / Over The Years (‘Crimpshrine’) / Die Kraft (‘Deliverance’) / ΤΑ ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΡΑΔΕΙΣΟΥ [The Fairy Tales Of Tradition] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Lost In Myself (‘M.D.L.’) / Blasphemy (‘President Fetch’) / Öfter Mal Was Neuses (‘Suspence’) / Sensation & Tod (‘Anastasis’) / Myself (‘Dissent’) / Terror At Vatican (‘The Dead Ones’) / A Besser’s Leben (‘Extrem’) / ??? (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’) / Mutation (‘The Dead Ones’)

side 6: All Right (‘President Fetch’) / Prolo Action (‘Suspence’) / 1000 Nazis (‘Anastasis’) / Shut My Eyes (‘Dissent’) / Tod Vor Augen (‘Extrem’) / Bestial – Ill Dog (‘President Fetch’) / Käptn Iglo Part III (‘Suspence’) / Somewhere (‘Dissent’) / Habitual Offender – Genetic Mutation (‘M.D.L.’) / ΜΑΥΡΟ – ΤΟ ΧΡΩΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΤΕΡΗΣΗΣ [Black – The Colour Of Deprivation] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Police Crime (‘President Fetch’) / Nitbarn 1 – Allt Eller Inget – Dumheter (’16 B.U.H.’)

Gary Slip (Osnabrück, Ger): Thomas Wübker (guitar), Ansgar (vocals), Willi (drums), Jürgen (bass)

Double Faith (Westerkappeln, Ger): Micha(el) Hins (drums/guitar/vocals), JJ (guitar/bass), Tom (guitar)

F.F.F. (Bonn, Ger): Vladimiro Olavarria (guitar), Dominik Schetting (drums; ex-guitarist ‘Canal Terror’, later ‘Molotow Soda’), Andreas ‘Andi’ Gohlke, Dolly Enzenberger (vocals/electric violin)

Messer (Osnabrück, Ger): Peter Siebert (drums), Michael Hensel (bass), Friedel Kantaut (vocals), Rudel Cacek (guitar), Thomas Wübker (guitar)

Stand To Fall (Linz, Öst): Andi Ehrenberger (bass), Albino Leitner (drums), Heli Bacher (guitar), ‘Joschi’ Joshua Viteka (vocals)

The Dirty Scums (Tielt, Bel): ‘Pik’ Bart D’Ooghe (guitar/vocals), Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums), Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo (bass; later Tom ‘Keez’ De Kesel)

Destitution (Wörth am Rhein, Ger): ‘Gicht’ Thomas Reiss (vocals), Christian Gröger (guitar), Stefan ‘Fessi’ Fessler (drums), Simon Cubasch (bass; later Thorsten)

Hoax (Groß-Oesingen, Ger): ‘Hüni Banane’ Heiko Menzendorf (drums), ‘Magic Banane’ Hernot Tetzlaff (bass/vocals), ‘Münki Banane’ Holger Münckenwarf (guitar), ‘Salli Banane’ (guitar), ‘Vincent Banane’ Boris Neubrandt (vocals)

Scoundrels (Zundert, Ned – HC/punk): Patrick Delabie (guitar/vocals; later ‘The Acorns’, ‘Betty Ford Clinic’, etc.), Frank ‘Zappa’ de Hoon (bass/vocals) & Guus Goossens/‘Bootsie’ Geert Budts (drums). Later Luc Proost (ex ‘Wulpse Varkens’ on second guitar)

Storemage (Hannover, Ger): Dirk ‘Morgenstern’ Lankenau (bass/vocals), Andreas ‘Kürsche’ Kürschner (guitar/vocals), Toni Fontanella (drums/vocals)

Animal Crackers (Jetzendorf, Ger): Lorenz ‘Lenz’ Lehmair (guitar/keyboards), Peter Scherbanowitz (bass), Ralf ‘Ralph’ Nickolaus (drums), Reiner Sladek (vocals)

Bloodfeast A.D. (Bremen, Ger): Tom ‘Lunk’ Nenzinger (bass; later Michael), Jörg ‘Jockel’/’Big Jim’ Rohlfing (drums), Olli ‘Salmo’ Laffi/Olaf ‘Dr. Rogg’ Rogge (guitar), Ingo ‘Don Giovanni’ Neuhaus (vocals)

Trendy Complain (Rheine/Duisburg, Ger): Markus Heessel ‘Hazil’ (vocals), ‘Belta’ Michael Belter (guitar), Arendt Lizt (bass; R.I.P.), ‘Uffy’ Michael Uffermann (drums)

Bad Attitude (Peine, Ger – HC): Curt Bodenstedt (vocals), ‘Quirl’ (guitar), ‘Pogo’/Thomas Lenz (bass), ‘Olli’/Oliver (drums).

Vrisak Generacije [Scream Of The Generation] (Novi Sad, Yug): Bukan (), Vanja (), ‘Gaga’ Predrag Jandrić ()

M.D.L. (Ellensburg, Washington, USA): ‘Baf Lenin’ Brian Kooser (vocals), ‘Biff Lenin’ Paul Yarnold (bass), ‘Blare Lenin’ Anderson (guitar), ‘Bash Lenin’ Dave Frazzini (drums)

Crimpshrine (Berkeley, California, USA): Aaron ‘Cometbus’ Elliott (drums), Jeff Ott (guitar/vocals), Pete Ryans (bass/vocals)

Cat-O’-Nine Tails (Schrobenhausen, Ger): Gerhard ‘Solo’ Zimmermann (bass), Rolf/Rolph Bayer (drums; also ‘Inferno’)/Franz Raßhofer , Marc/Mark von Sukow (guitar), Michael ‘Semme’ Simon (vocals)

Deliverance (Waldtann, Ger): Egbert Landes (bass), Christina Messner (violin), Claudius Zott (guitar/vocals), Heiko Eser (drums/vocals), Jens Teichmann (vocals)

Γένια Του Τσάους/ Génia Tou Tsáous [Chaos Generation] (Athens, Gre): Akis Abrazis (bass; later ‘Parkinson Square’), Constantinos Chatzopoulos (guitar), Theodoros Iliakopoulos (drums/vocals)

President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Den): Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Anderz Nielsen (bass), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums)

Suspence (Bad Dürkheim, Ger): Manfred ‘Fast Freddy’ Hopf (vocals), Jens Wagner (bass; later ‘Abolition’), P. Potschinger (drums), Martin ‘Jeff’ Tanner (guitar)

Anastasis (Duisburg, Ger): Maikel (guitar/vocals), ‘Prillo’ Stephan Prill (guitar), Lemmy (drums), Gonzo (bass), Frank (vocals)

Dissent (Rapid City, South-Dakota, USA): Todd Smith (drums/vocals), Robert ‘Bob’ Baker (guitar/vocals), Les Nelson (bass; later Tim Popa/Tanja Bjork), Troy Zoller (vocals; later ‘Skip’ Sean Nagel)

The Dead Ones (Hannover, Ger): L.K. (guitar), H.B. (drums)

Extrem (Vienna, Öst): Dieter Hauptmann/Claudio Delise (guitar/vocals), Daniela Delise/Dierk Rossiwall (bass), Peter Zinner (drums), Helmut ‘Heiland’ Hejtmanek (guitar)

16 B.U.H. (Tranås, Swe): Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (guitar), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums), Magnus Grehn (vocals)