>>Before The Light Stops<< (various) compilation (1987)


This one is from the collection of ‘Pik’ (‘The Dirty Scums’)…

Uwe Mindrup from Hasbergen (near Osnabrück, Germany) released plenty of compilations through Durchbruch tapes (84-87). He also did the fanzine Der Durchbruch (“the breakthrough“) and released some vinyl. This tape has 69 songs by 27 bands (3 C60 tapes in a videotape-box). Most tracks come from tapes/records released in/around 1987.

side 1: Hole III (‘Gary Slip’) / I Understand (‘Double Faith’) / Dummer Junge (‘F.F.F.’) / Optimismus (‘Messer’) / No More Pain (‘Stand To Fall’) / It’s My Life (‘The Dirty Scums’) / Atonement (‘Gary Slip’) / Before That (‘Double Faith’) / Innocence’s Lost (‘Messer’) / Missunderstandings (‘Stand To Fall’)

side 2: Song For Rudi (‘The Dirty Scums’) / What Is Better (‘Double Faith’) / Destitution (‘Destitution’) / Insanity (‘Hoax’) / New Start (‘Stand To Fall’) / At Least I Try (‘Scoundrels’) / Lucy (‘Messer) / A Provocation Of The State (‘The Dirty Scums’) / Is It Real? (‘Destitution’) / Choice Of Pain (‘Stand To Fall’) / Ugly Barons (‘Hoax’)

side 3: Daydreamer (‘Scoundrels’) / Symptoms Gone (‘Storemage’) / A Cloud Was Hanging In Your Room (‘Animal Crackers’) / Nightmare On Elm Street (‘Bloodfeast A.D.’) / Kill Ourselves (‘Trendy Complain’) / Sick Brain In A Sick Body (‘Bad Attitude’) / Propaganda Girls (‘Storemage’) / Der Exorzist (‘Hoax’) / Drug Addict (‘Bloodfeast A.D.’)

side 4: Kada Ostanem Sam (‘Vrisak Generacije’) / Say No (‘Scoundrels’) / Lovers In Fire, Lovers In Rain (‘Animal Crackers’) / Surf’s Up (‘M.D.L.’) / Another Day (‘Crimpshrine’) / My Brain (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’) / Der Tod (‘Deliverance’) / ΚΑΜΜΊΑ ΕΛΠιΔΑ [Campaign Of Hope] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Too Tightly Bound (‘M.D.L.’) / Your Mind (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’)

side 5: Adaption Or Resistance (‘Bad Attitude’) / Over The Years (‘Crimpshrine’) / Die Kraft (‘Deliverance’) / ΤΑ ΠΑΡΑΜΥΘΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΠΑΡΑΔΕΙΣΟΥ [The Fairy Tales Of Tradition] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Lost In Myself (‘M.D.L.’) / Blasphemy (‘President Fetch’) / Öfter Mal Was Neuses (‘Suspence’) / Sensation & Tod (‘Anastasis’) / Myself (‘Dissent’) / Terror At Vatican (‘The Dead Ones’) / A Besser’s Leben (‘Extrem’) / ??? (‘Cat-O’-Nine Tails’) / Mutation (‘The Dead Ones’)

side 6: All Right (‘President Fetch’) / Prolo Action (‘Suspence’) / 1000 Nazis (‘Anastasis’) / Shut My Eyes (‘Dissent’) / Tod Vor Augen (‘Extrem’) / Bestial – Ill Dog (‘President Fetch’) / Käptn Iglo Part III (‘Suspence’) / Somewhere (‘Dissent’) / Habitual Offender – Genetic Mutation (‘M.D.L.’) / ΜΑΥΡΟ – ΤΟ ΧΡΩΜΑ ΤΗΣ ΣΤΕΡΗΣΗΣ [Black – The Colour Of Deprivation] (‘Γένια Του Τσάους‘) / Police Crime (‘President Fetch’) / Nitbarn 1 – Allt Eller Inget – Dumheter (’16 B.U.H.’)

Gary Slip (Osnabrück, Ger): Thomas Wübker (guitar), Ansgar (vocals), Willi (drums), Jürgen (bass)

Double Faith (Westerkappeln, Ger): Micha(el) Hins (drums/guitar/vocals), JJ (guitar/bass), Tom (guitar)

F.F.F. (Bonn, Ger): Vladimiro Olavarria (guitar), Dominik Schetting (drums; ex-guitarist ‘Canal Terror’, later ‘Molotow Soda’), Andreas ‘Andi’ Gohlke, Dolly Enzenberger (vocals/electric violin)

Messer (Osnabrück, Ger): Peter Siebert (drums), Michael Hensel (bass), Friedel Kantaut (vocals), Rudel Cacek (guitar), Thomas Wübker (guitar)

Stand To Fall (Linz, Öst): Andi Ehrenberger (bass), Albino Leitner (drums), Heli Bacher (guitar), ‘Joschi’ Joshua Viteka (vocals)

The Dirty Scums (Tielt, Bel): ‘Pik’ Bart D’Ooghe (guitar/vocals), Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums), Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo (bass; later Tom ‘Keez’ De Kesel)

Destitution (Wörth am Rhein, Ger): ‘Gicht’ Thomas Reiss (vocals), Christian Gröger (guitar), Stefan ‘Fessi’ Fessler (drums), Simon Cubasch (bass; later Thorsten)

Hoax (Groß-Oesingen, Ger): ‘Hüni Banane’ Heiko Menzendorf (drums), ‘Magic Banane’ Hernot Tetzlaff (bass/vocals), ‘Münki Banane’ Holger Münckenwarf (guitar), ‘Salli Banane’ (guitar), ‘Vincent Banane’ Boris Neubrandt (vocals)

Scoundrels (Zundert, Ned – HC/punk): Patrick Delabie (guitar/vocals; later ‘The Acorns’, ‘Betty Ford Clinic’, etc.), Frank ‘Zappa’ de Hoon (bass/vocals) & Guus Goossens/‘Bootsie’ Geert Budts (drums). Later Luc Proost (ex ‘Wulpse Varkens’ on second guitar)

Storemage (Hannover, Ger): Dirk ‘Morgenstern’ Lankenau (bass/vocals), Andreas ‘Kürsche’ Kürschner (guitar/vocals), Toni Fontanella (drums/vocals)

Animal Crackers (Jetzendorf, Ger): Lorenz ‘Lenz’ Lehmair (guitar/keyboards), Peter Scherbanowitz (bass), Ralf ‘Ralph’ Nickolaus (drums), Reiner Sladek (vocals)

Bloodfeast A.D. (Bremen, Ger): Tom ‘Lunk’ Nenzinger (bass; later Michael), Jörg ‘Jockel’/’Big Jim’ Rohlfing (drums), Olli ‘Salmo’ Laffi/Olaf ‘Dr. Rogg’ Rogge (guitar), Ingo ‘Don Giovanni’ Neuhaus (vocals)

Trendy Complain (Rheine/Duisburg, Ger): Markus Heessel ‘Hazil’ (vocals), ‘Belta’ Michael Belter (guitar), Arendt Lizt (bass; R.I.P.), ‘Uffy’ Michael Uffermann (drums)

Bad Attitude (Peine, Ger – HC): Curt Bodenstedt (vocals), ‘Quirl’ (guitar), ‘Pogo’/Thomas Lenz (bass), ‘Olli’/Oliver (drums).

Vrisak Generacije [Scream Of The Generation] (Novi Sad, Yug): Bukan (), Vanja (), ‘Gaga’ Predrag Jandrić ()

M.D.L. (Ellensburg, Washington, USA): ‘Baf Lenin’ Brian Kooser (vocals), ‘Biff Lenin’ Paul Yarnold (bass), ‘Blare Lenin’ Anderson (guitar), ‘Bash Lenin’ Dave Frazzini (drums)

Crimpshrine (Berkeley, California, USA): Aaron ‘Cometbus’ Elliott (drums), Jeff Ott (guitar/vocals), Pete Ryans (bass/vocals)

Cat-O’-Nine Tails (Schrobenhausen, Ger): Gerhard ‘Solo’ Zimmermann (bass), Rolf/Rolph Bayer (drums; also ‘Inferno’)/Franz Raßhofer , Marc/Mark von Sukow (guitar), Michael ‘Semme’ Simon (vocals)

Deliverance (Waldtann, Ger): Egbert Landes (bass), Christina Messner (violin), Claudius Zott (guitar/vocals), Heiko Eser (drums/vocals), Jens Teichmann (vocals)

Γένια Του Τσάους/ Génia Tou Tsáous [Chaos Generation] (Athens, Gre): Akis Abrazis (bass; later ‘Parkinson Square’), Constantinos Chatzopoulos (guitar), Theodoros Iliakopoulos (drums/vocals)

President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Den): Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Anderz Nielsen (bass), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums)

Suspence (Bad Dürkheim, Ger): Manfred ‘Fast Freddy’ Hopf (vocals), Jens Wagner (bass; later ‘Abolition’), P. Potschinger (drums), Martin ‘Jeff’ Tanner (guitar)

Anastasis (Duisburg, Ger): Maikel (guitar/vocals), ‘Prillo’ Stephan Prill (guitar), Lemmy (drums), Gonzo (bass), Frank (vocals)

Dissent (Rapid City, South-Dakota, USA): Todd Smith (drums/vocals), Robert ‘Bob’ Baker (guitar/vocals), Les Nelson (bass; later Tim Popa/Tanja Bjork), Troy Zoller (vocals; later ‘Skip’ Sean Nagel)

The Dead Ones (Hannover, Ger): L.K. (guitar), H.B. (drums)

Extrem (Vienna, Öst): Dieter Hauptmann/Claudio Delise (guitar/vocals), Daniela Delise/Dierk Rossiwall (bass), Peter Zinner (drums), Helmut ‘Heiland’ Hejtmanek (guitar)

16 B.U.H. (Tranås, Swe): Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (guitar), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums), Magnus Grehn (vocals)

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