Corrupted Morals ‎(USA) Think About It…; tape (1986)



Mad Reign / Second Chance / Big Man / Quality Control / Money Goes Round / No Assholes / No Place To Hide / Think About It / Go Home / What? / Selfishness And Greed / Welcome To Reality

A tape from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection.

I got to know this band when spending some time in San Francisco (where I got their 7″, entitled Chet, out on Lawrence Livermore’s LookOut! recs). Their music (fast HC/thrash) reminded me of ‘Attitude Adjustment’ & ‘Stikky’. The band was part of the Gilman Street scene (Maximum Rock’n’Roll). This here is their first tape, it was recorded with Joel Wing (bass), Jose Mariscal (drums), Ray Sebastion (guitar) & Dan Boland (guitar; R.I.P.) – all ex ‘Desecration’ from California (not the one from Arizona) – and Rick ‘DH’ Morgan (vocals). 6 of these songs were re-released on a 7″ (on David Hayes’ label Very Small recs); others appeared on various compilations (e.g. The Thing That Ate Floyd, which I also brought home from my trip to the Bay Area).

Stel’s review in Metallised #8:

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