5Les (Bel) live (Maasmechelen, Bel, 89-11-19)



Wild Days / Two Fisted Politics / Justice For All / Space 4 Hire / Wavelengths / Subversive Riddle Dance / Human Thing / All Over Again / Power of Sheer Happiness / instrumental

(thanks to Chris Dexters, Onno Hesselink & ‘Izzy’ for help)

Onno Hesselink did Peace Or Annihilation fanzine while still studying graphic design at St-Lukas Brussel. With his friends Erik VdV & Koen DC he tried to set up a band (‘WC Papier’ [toiletpaper]) but that didn’t really work out. Het go together with people of De Finkel-scene (youth-centre/punk-venue in the Brussels’ suburb Jette) for a band called ‘Hyperactive Children’ (with legendary scenester ‘Kockie’ doing vocals). That didn’t last long but out of that setting grew ‘Indecency’, with – besides Onno on guitar – Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass; who had been in the band ‘Pest’, a precursor of the garagenoise-outfit ‘Bad Preachers’), Dirk Jans (drums; also ‘Deviant Gedrag’) and Chris Dexters (vocals). ‘Indecency’ played gigs from the summer of ’87 until early ’88. Smurfpunx invited them twice (87-07-05 & 87-12-12). They supported ‘M.D.C.’ at a Hageland Hardcore gig (87-11-22), etc.

I believe ‘Indecency’s singer Chris didn’t wanna do shows anymore (he kept writing the lyrics though) so they changed the name into ‘5Les’ after finding a new singer in the person of Fons Ceuppens (ex ‘Anguish’ & ex ‘Taartje Aardbei’ bassist). The others remained Filip (bass), Dirk (drums/vocals) & Onno (guitar). Werner of Hageland recs put out their 3 releases: the EPs Two Fisted Politics EP (1988) & 100.000 Eyes EP (1988; MRR: “Mid to uptempo pop-ish punk with full production and harmonic vocals. Reminiscent of ‘M.I.A.’ or DC type ’emo-core’ à la ‘Dag Nasty’or ‘Ignition’.”), and the LP Wild Daze (1989; presented with a show @ Democrazy in Ghent, 89-06-30). Onno labels their music as “art-core”…

I think they started playing around July ’88 and soon after did a tour (Italy/Switzerland/Germany/The Netherlands) with ‘Political Asylum’. At some timepoint Iz(z)y (Isidoor) Holvoet (also ex ‘Deviant Gedrag’) joined on second guitar. He played this show here (89-11-19 @ Jagersborg, Maasmechelen, together with the Welsh ‘CowboyKillers’ & Dutch ‘Swampsurfers’ – read the interview with Fons that was done that day.). ‘Izzy’ also kindly contributed the tracks… Their last show I’m aware of was in support of ‘False Prophets’ (‘Animal Day’, Aalst, 91-09-22). But in the end they had another bassist (Koen) and singer (Kristof)… There was also a demotape from 1992.

‘Boulle’ – Fons – Dirk – Onno

@ VanHall squat, Amsterdam (Ned), 1988

@ Metzgerstraße squat, Hanau (Ger), 1988

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