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No Security (Swe) Vansinne!!; tape (1987)


(A) Säg Nej (say no) / Druguser / Ingen Framtid (no future) / När? (when? / Evig Tystnad (eternal silence) / Ingen Återvändo (no turning back) / Född Till Slakt (born to be slaughtered) / Religion, En Fara (religion, a danger) / Evig Sorg (eternal grief) / Vansinne (madness) / Kaptener Och Generaler (captains and generals) / Snart Är Det Försent (soon it’s too late) / Krossa Våldet (smash the violence) / Svensson

(B) Vansinne / Druguser / Född Till Slakt / Kaptener Och Generaler / Svensson / Snart Är Det Försent / Krossa Våldet / Hycklar Folket (hypocritical people) / Time To Act / Kollaps (collapse)

This tape is a demo (A-side) plus live recording (B-side). The line-up here was Harri Mänty (vocals), Robert ‘Robban’ Eriksson (bass), Jari ‘Jallo’ Lehto (drums; also in ‘Disfear’, ‘Totalitär’, etc.) and Tommy ‘Smebbo’ Smedberg (guitar). No mention of Johan Liljegren (who also played guitar on the Eskilstuna Hardcore demo – recorded earlier that year; he left the band spring of ’88) here…

The band (from Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm) played ‘Scandi-thrash’ (raw/fast crust/thrash). As far as I know they only played 2 gigs in Belgium on their (last?) tour in 1992: in Liège and at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (92-02-09). That was with Mattias ‘Kenko’ Kennhed on guitar.

The tape is a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

Atrox (Ita) Orme Perdute (1987)


side (A): Intro / Futuro [future] – Jet Set Society – Condannati [condemned] – Prigionieri [prisoners] – Fiori Neri [black flowers] – Odia [hate] – Atrox [atrocious]

side (B): Orme Perdute [lost footprints] – Rabbia [anger] Blues – Se Fossi Re [if we were king] – Giudizio Universale [universal judgment] – Senza Tregua [without truce] (Live)

This is the Italian ‘Atrox’ (from Milan), not the British ‘Atrox’ (pre ‘Hate That Smile’), with Roberto ‘Delirio’ Colecchia (bass), ‘Concobeach’ Stefano Faini (drums), Francesco ‘Franz’ Zadra (guitar) & Paolo ‘Shock’ Faini (vocals). Orme Perdute is the band’s second demo (the first was Senza Tregua; with ‘Rübe’ on bass). Here the vocals were shared by Roberto & Francesco (recordings ’86), Paolo joined a bit later. They played energetic, thrashy HC.

1987 pamphlet

Check some info on the band’s history on

The tape is a contribution by Steven ‘Stel’ R. He reviewed it in Metallised #8:

There’s also a tape with some live tracks (indicated Live In Italy) in the collection of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt:

O Sole Mio / Odia / Orme Perdute / Rabiba Blues / Network / Cento Anni  [hundred years] / Spezzeremo Le Catene [we’ll break the chains] / Atrox

Sudden Death (Fra) promo (1987)


side (A)side (B)

Another tape from ‘Stel’s collection…

Don’t know too much about the band, except for the info on the cover. They were from the Lyon area (France) and consisted of Gérard Miltzine (vocals), Christophe Forestier (guitar), Thierry (bass) and Laurent (drums). Their contact was Jérome Patouillard.

I learned their singer ran a record-shop and a label, organised (together with others) concerts in Grenoble (‘Negazione’, ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Peggio Punx’, ‘D.O.A.’ etc.) and also did a fanzine…


They were from Lyon (Villeurbanne is a Lyon suburb) and some of the members went on to play in [the crossover band] ‘Phobia’… The singer for both bands was Gérard Miltzine, who co-ran the legendary Bunker recs distro/shop and Neg FX label in Grenoble, and used to write France scene-reports for M.R.R., etc.

Luc Ardilouze

Stel’s review of (other) live recordings in Metallised #8:


Capital Scum (Bel) demos (1984)


Fast & raw recordings of the first line-up of ‘Capital Scum’ (Scherpenheuvel, Belgium) with ‘Pies’ Peter Laermans (vocals), ‘Larrie’ Paul Laermans (guitar), Gunther Theys (bass; replaced by Jurgen Surinx ex ‘Sticky Vomit’) & ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums). Live recordings (probably one of ‘C.S.’ last gigs of their ‘first period’, with Jurgen on bass) are also available: 88-01-31.



Larrie’s tracklist

The digital files provided by Koen ‘Siesele’ L. (a.k.a. Mad Mohawk):

(demo 1): Brutal Song / Roadkiller / Michael Jackson / Violent Crimes / Animal Aid / Powertraining / Not Allowed / Be A Man (Don’t Kill Yourself)

(demo 2): No Pleasure (take 1) / No Pleasure (take 2) / Powertraining / Michael Jackson (take 1) / Michael Jackson (take 2) / Roadkiller / No Reason To Laugh / Police Patrol / Stop It Now

This is a list with songs that or on the demos: those marked with an asterix are on ‘Mad Mohawk’s cassette. Those marked with a circle were recorded in 2019 for the split-LP with ‘Agathocles’ (see info-sheet). The lyrics are quite simple (The clever guys joined the band later.). We showed Gunther the door right after the recordings for the Alle 24 Goed compilation (1985). [He became the bassist of the controversial metal band ‘Ancient Rites’.] The song Dressed ln Black was also recorded during that session but didn’t make it on vinyl (because there would’ve been too many of our songs compared to the other bands). We recorded the songs Glue Inhalation & Capital Scum in 1985 in Venlo for another compilation-LP which didn’t happen (the recordings appeared to be lost).

All these tracks were not officially released as demos. People could just send me an empty cassette and then I’ld send them some songs of those demos or some live material. These also appeared on a number of compilation-tapes during thise days. Everything was done with an ordinary tape-recorder; actually just so we wouldn’t forget what songs we’d made. The sound is weak and bad; but it was good enough to convey what we did and played.


Capital Scum’ 1984: Sox – Pies – Gunther – Larrie

The tape with these recordings I have is over 30 years old. I traded it with Jean-François Fleury of ‘Zaubépine’…

‘Mad Mohawk’

Filthy Few (Ger) promo (1988)


Orlando Tattoo Squad tape: Filthy Few Theme / Hopeless (Radical Skate) / You Left A China In Your Place (“Iggy Pop or what?”) / I’m Scared / Declaration Of Independence

rehearsal: Filthy Few Theme / Let’s Have A Drink / Extreme Noize Terror / I’m Becoming Insane / Landshark / Progression Instead Of Aggression / Cry Of Nature / Hopeless (Radical Skate), thrash version / Madness / Filthy Days – Watcha Need (“The last 4 songs are new, they need to be elaborated!”)

master for split-LP: Orlando Tattoo Squad Theme / Progression Instead Of Aggression / I’m Scared / Cry Of Nature / Madness / Extreme Noize Terror / Black Bottom

live: Let’s Have A Drink / You Left A China In Your Place / Landshark / Hopeless (Radical Skate) (“special Gonzo live performance”) / No Reason / Filthy Days / What You Need

These tapes were sent to ‘Stel’ Steven R. by Helge Schreiber. The people playing in the band were Helge (vocals; Plastic Bomb fanzine), ‘Schmiddi’ Micks Makkelsen (guitar), Mattes Nau (bass), Klaus Schulzki (drums). They lived in the Ruhrpott area. Some of the tracks appeared on their Live At C.B.G.B.’s N.Y.C. 7″, others on the split-LP with ‘The Wheeze’.

The Orlando Tattoo Squad cassette was reviewed in MRR as follows: “A live recording with surprisingly good sound quality. These guys plaw powerful punk [thrash] of all speeds, with lyrics ranging from silly to serious. Overall, thumbs up!”. Their musical examples were ‘R.K.L.’, ‘Beyond Possession’ & ‘Unwanted Youth’…


Our song Hopeless (Radical Skate) had the introductory guitar-riff of a song by ‘Vicious Circle’…

Helge Schreiber

demo reviewed by ‘Stel’ in Metallised #10

Orlando tape reviewed by ‘Stel’ in Metallised #11