Filthy Few (Ger) promo (1988)


Orlando Tattoo Squad tape: Filthy Few Theme / Hopeless (Radical Skate) / You Left A China In Your Place (“Iggy Pop or what?”) / I’m Scared / Declaration Of Independence

rehearsal: Filthy Few Theme / Let’s Have A Drink / Extreme Noize Terror / I’m Becoming Insane / Landshark / Progression Instead Of Aggression / Cry Of Nature / Hopeless (Radical Skate), thrash version / Madness / Filthy Days – Watcha Need (“The last 4 songs are new, they need to be elaborated!”)

master for split-LP: Orlando Tattoo Squad Theme / Progression Instead Of Aggression / I’m Scared / Cry Of Nature / Madness / Extreme Noize Terror / Black Bottom

live: Let’s Have A Drink / You Left A China In Your Place / Landshark / Hopeless (Radical Skate) (“special Gonzo live performance”) / No Reason / Filthy Days / What You Need

These tapes were sent to ‘Stel’ Steven R. by Helge Schreiber. The people playing in the band were Helge (vocals; Plastic Bomb fanzine), ‘Schmiddi’ Micks Makkelsen (guitar), Mattes Nau (bass), Klaus Schulzki (drums). They lived in the Ruhrpott area. Some of the tracks appeared on their Live At C.B.G.B.’s N.Y.C. 7″, others on the split-LP with ‘The Wheeze’.

The Orlando Tattoo Squad cassette was reviewed in MRR as follows: “A live recording with surprisingly good sound quality. These guys plaw powerful punk [thrash] of all speeds, with lyrics ranging from silly to serious. Overall, thumbs up!”. Their musical examples were ‘R.K.L.’, ‘Beyond Possession’ & ‘Unwanted Youth’…


Our song Hopeless (Radical Skate) had the introductory guitar-riff of a song by ‘Vicious Circle’…

Helge Schreiber

demo reviewed by ‘Stel’ in Metallised #10

Orlando tape reviewed by ‘Stel’ in Metallised #11


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