Sudden Death (Fra) promo (1987)


side (A)side (B)

Another tape from ‘Stel’s collection…

Don’t know too much about the band, except for the info on the cover. They were from the Lyon area (France) and consisted of Gérard Miltzine (vocals), Christophe Forestier (guitar), Thierry (bass) and Laurent (drums). Their contact was Jérome Patouillard.

I learned their singer ran a record-shop and a label, organised (together with others) concerts in Grenoble (‘Negazione’, ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Peggio Punx’, ‘D.O.A.’ etc.) and also did a fanzine…


They were from Lyon (Villeurbanne is a Lyon suburb) and some of the members went on to play in [the crossover band] ‘Phobia’… The singer for both bands was Gérard Miltzine, who co-ran the legendary Bunker recs distro/shop and Neg FX label in Grenoble, and used to write France scene-reports for M.R.R., etc.

Luc Ardilouze

Stel’s review of (other) live recordings in Metallised #8:


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