Atrox (Ita) Orme Perdute (1987)


side (A): Intro / Futuro [future] – Jet Set Society – Condannati [condemned] – Prigionieri [prisoners] – Fiori Neri [black flowers] – Odia [hate] – Atrox [atrocious]

side (B): Orme Perdute [lost footprints] – Rabbia [anger] Blues – Se Fossi Re [if we were king] – Giudizio Universale [universal judgment] – Senza Tregua [without truce] (Live)

This is the Italian ‘Atrox’ (from Milan), not the British ‘Atrox’ (pre ‘Hate That Smile’), with Roberto ‘Delirio’ Colecchia (bass), ‘Concobeach’ Stefano Faini (drums), Francesco ‘Franz’ Zadra (guitar) & Paolo ‘Shock’ Faini (vocals). Orme Perdute is the band’s second demo (the first was Senza Tregua; with ‘Rübe’ on bass). Here the vocals were shared by Roberto & Francesco (recordings ’86), Paolo joined a bit later. They played energetic, thrashy HC.

1987 pamphlet

Check some info on the band’s history on

The tape is a contribution by Steven ‘Stel’ R. He reviewed it in Metallised #8:

There’s also a tape with some live tracks (indicated Live In Italy) in the collection of Jan ‘Bux’ De Vriendt:

O Sole Mio / Odia / Orme Perdute / Rabiba Blues / Network / Cento Anni  [hundred years] / Spezzeremo Le Catene [we’ll break the chains] / Atrox

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