No Security (Swe) Vansinne!!; tape (1987)


(A) Säg Nej (say no) / Druguser / Ingen Framtid (no future) / När? (when? / Evig Tystnad (eternal silence) / Ingen Återvändo (no turning back) / Född Till Slakt (born to be slaughtered) / Religion, En Fara (religion, a danger) / Evig Sorg (eternal grief) / Vansinne (madness) / Kaptener Och Generaler (captains and generals) / Snart Är Det Försent (soon it’s too late) / Krossa Våldet (smash the violence) / Svensson

(B) Vansinne / Druguser / Född Till Slakt / Kaptener Och Generaler / Svensson / Snart Är Det Försent / Krossa Våldet / Hycklar Folket (hypocritical people) / Time To Act / Kollaps (collapse)

This tape is a demo (A-side) plus live recording (B-side). The line-up here was Harri Mänty (vocals), Robert ‘Robban’ Eriksson (bass), Jari ‘Jallo’ Lehto (drums; also in ‘Disfear’, ‘Totalitär’, etc.) and Tommy ‘Smebbo’ Smedberg (guitar). No mention of Johan Liljegren (who also played guitar on the Eskilstuna Hardcore demo – recorded earlier that year; he left the band spring of ’88) here…

The band (from Eskilstuna, west of Stockholm) played ‘Scandi-thrash’ (raw/fast crust/thrash). As far as I know they only played 2 gigs in Belgium on their (last?) tour in 1992: in Liège and at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (92-02-09). That was with Mattias ‘Kenko’ Kennhed on guitar.

The tape is a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

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