Skeezicks (Ger) We Make Noise…; demo (1985)


We Are Skeezicks / Drops Of Domorrow (cover of Troops Of Tomorrow by ‘The Vibrators’) / Margo Is A Jerk / Nothing (‘Negative Approach’ cover) / Suicide / Don’t Tell Me (chaos version) / Livin’ On The Country / Don’t Tell Me (‘The Faith’)

[digital file kindly provided by Koen ‘Siesele’ L.]

This tape was recorded in June 1985, “4 months after the first rehearsals”. The people paying in the band were Andy Hofmann (drums), Jürgen ‘Sunny’ Findlinger (vocals; R.I.P.), Carsten Bauer (guitar) & Armin Hofmann (bass). About a year later Armin released their 7″ (There’s A Charlie Brown In Everyone Of Us). By the time they recorded their LP (Selling Out!) Marc Helber had joined as second guitarist. That line-up is also on the live recordings (Tielt, Bel, 87-05-02) I made available…


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  1. Nice to hear those old tapes again. That DIY spirit! That energy! But now in the mp3 era I realise how miserable the sound-quality of those tapes was. But I didn’t know any better then. They were often copies of copies of the original tapes. Even the worst mp3-files today sound better. But then it was often the only affordable way to distribute your music as a band. Today, the technology has made it much easier and cheaper to spread your own music.


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