Thatcher On Acid (UK) Curdled; promo (1987)



Guess Who’s Running The Show – New Thing – The Taxi – Riff Raff/Orthodox – The Cage – Is It Art? – The Wind-Up – Thatcher On Acid – FlyStop/Start

This was a promo-tape with the songs on the album released in 1987 (All The Madmen recs). I probably got it from Reiner Mettner (Double A recs) who was planning a tour for them… It was recorded with Ben Corrigan (guitar/vocals, piano), Matt Cornish (bass/vocals, replacing ‘Spike’ Simon Hughes) and Martin Hosken (drums/vocals). Andi/Andy Tuck took over the drums after that. ‘Thatcher On Acid’ were a British anarcho-punk band (originally from the Bristol/Yeovil area but later a part of the London squat scene). Some dubbed their music ‘agit-pop’. Ben & Andy were in ‘Schwartzeneggar’ with later ‘T.O.A.’ bassist Bob Butler and Steve ‘Ignorant’ (ex ‘Crass’).


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