Mektoub (Fra) tape (1996)



Le Teneur De Mur / Guernica / Haché / Z / Fini Le Rêve

‘Mektoub’ (meaning “fate” or “it’s written” in arab language) were from Cergy-Pontoise (North of Paris), dubbed a “noise rock group”. Active in the late 90s; the members of the band were Mokhtar Bahnas and his brother Mohamed Bahnas. They ran Les Disques Métèques and the Vivre Vite association, that made the Furia fanzine and booked the Furia Sound Festival between 1996 and 2010-2011.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>One thing is certain: this is very original music; situated between garage-punk/noise, cold-wave and ambient arab-ethnic music. It all breathes a mysterious, gloomy atmosphere; also because of the nasal murmuring of the vocalist. If you’re into an experiment, try this. Lyrics in Arab and French.<<

>>Formed in 1993, somewhere in the suburbs north of Paris, ‘Mektoub’ took a thunderous start (concerts with – amongst others – ‘Drive Blind’, ‘Héliogabale’, ‘IAO’, ‘Oscar Nip, and a compilation-tape and demo) that was followed by line-up changes for over a year.

Since the beginning of this year, and after having finally found the holy grail – a drummer in CDI! [contract of indefinite duration] – the band accelerated.

In January 1996, ‘Mektoub’ ended up on the compilation-CD Annimo En Liberté, produced by studio 3/4.

The group then decided to record a new demo Le Cru 1996: 5 tracks in French and Arabic, recorded in May.

Cheered up with a few concerts, this return of ‘Mektoub’ will be confirmed by numerous projects for September-October 1996.

Their musical universe is very rich but we won’t tell you more. We’re not going to ruminate on your ‘work’! Just listen to the tape. Your sensitivity and your references will take you where you wish.

‘Mektoub’ can only say one thing: that the band is open to all of your proposals (especially concerts). Contact is easy, so don’t hesitate!<<

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