>>Our (R)Age<< (various) compilation (1988)


(A): ‘President Fetch’: Blasphemy – Terror & Coffee – Bestial / ‘The Vernon Walters: Fast Cars (‘Buzzcocks’ cover) – Same Old Song – Run For It / ‘Agen’: Kirchenglocken – Cerebral Am Ende / ‘Nox Mortis’: In Memoriam – Arms And The Boy / ‘Magnetic Ad’: Self Control

(B): ‘Magnetic A.D.’: Solution Or Preservation / ‘Flower Buds’: Police Force – Fraze My Brain Out – It’s Me / ‘Union Morbide’: All The Harm Done – Hope / ‘The Ruminants’: Pressure – Nobody Knows / ‘Dross’: Mat & Knulla / ‘Nasty Nation’: Outro

This is one of the three compilation-tapes that Björn Brauer (from Hamburg) released via his label Without Renown tapes. The other were entitled Unser Täglich Gift (“our daily poison”) and Kill For Peace! There was also a live-tape by ‘The Vernon Walters’.

In the review I wrote for my zine Tilt! #5 I read that 1 DM (50 Eurocent) per sold copy was donated to Greenpeace…

The last known about Björn Brauer is that he has a career with the major label Warner Music Group (label-manager of A.D.A.).


President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Denmark): Anderz Nielsen (bass), Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin ‘Morgengrim’ Larsen (drums)

The Vernon Walters (Hoorn, The Netherlands): Hans Engel (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums) – Dim van der Waal: guitar (on first EP only)

Agen (Verden, Germany): ‘Todde’ Thorsten Sindel (vocals), ‘Amok’ Maik Dudda (guitar), Michael Woelke (drums), ‘Goldi’ Jürgen Goldenstein (bass)

Nox Mortis (Southampton, UK): Simon Gregory (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), ‘PJ’ Paul Jay (guitar), Andy Long (drums), Fran(ces) White (backing-vocals)

Magnetic A.D. (Hamburg, Germany): Björn ‘Borg’ Brauer (vocals), ‘Bodo’ Matthias Bodeit (guitar), ‘Hobbel’ Frank Diederichs (bass), Thorsten Wegner (drums)

Flower Buds (Lübeck, Germany): ‘Anker-Martin’ Martin Ehlers (bass), Tim ‘Ove’ Kuhlman (drums), Jenne (guitar), ‘Klüwi’ Dirk Klüwer (vocals)

Union Morbide (Heemskerk, The Netherlands): Eelco Boonacker (bass), Philip van Koeveringe (guitar), Maxim Aafjes vocals), Michel Weijgertse (drums; R.I.P.)

The Ruminants (Hamburg, Germany): Björn Brauer ()

Dross (Gävle, Sweden): Patrick ‘Putte’ Söderberg (vocals), ‘Micke’ Mikael Bye (guitar), Jäger (bass), Bördn (drums)

Nasty Nation (Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany): Uli Hopf ()

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