Bhopal Stiffs (USA) tape (1987)


Listen !

A tape from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection.

A band from Chicago named after the environmental disaster that happened in Bhopal, India (gas-leak at the Union Carbide India Ltd pesticide-plant on December 2-3, 1984; exposing 500.000 people to a toxic substance – over 2.000 immediate deaths).

People playing on these recordings (June 1987) were: Vince Marine (vocals/guitar; later Ron Lowe), Larry Damore (vocals/guitar), Steve Saylors (bass) & Dave Schleitwiler (drums). The songs One Track Head and Not Just My Head were also released as a self-titled 7″.


We started off playing covers of bands like ‘The Cure’, Joe Jackson, ‘Blondie’ and other new-wave bands. Once we heard the hardcore bands, we thought that might be a fun and an easy way to get noticed. Larry and I soon became politicized by listening to other bands.

Vince Marine

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