>>Zelfkrant cassette 1<< (various) compilation (1987)


(A): New Zealand (‘Golden Strings’) / Violent City (‘The Gentry’) / Squat + Police Police (‘Heibel’) / Wishfull Thinking (‘Core Of Reality’) / Chaos In My Head (‘Asbestos Rockpyle’) / Free Beer (‘Buy Off The Bar’) / Dr Murkes (‘EA 80’) / Genocide (‘Indirekt’) / She Is Hot! (‘Deadly Serious’) / Please Give Them The Way + Life (‘Dawn Of Liberty’)

(B): Vlaams Blok (‘Heibel’) / February 6th (‘Eton Crop’) / Gewallt (‘EA 80’) / Rock The House! (‘Deadly Serious’) / Uncertain And Wild (‘The Gentry’) / Nihil (‘Ampachen’) / Seeing A Pig (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) / Johnny Quits Heroine (‘The Dog Needles’) / Persona Non Grata (‘Indirekt’) / Bricks & Blood & Broken Bones + Scorched Earth (‘M.B.P.’) / Year Of The Locus (‘Asbestos Rockpyle’) / A Kind Of Chaos (‘Emotional Blackmail’) / Rock The House I-II (‘Deadly Serious’ featuring ‘Rapsmurf’)

Zelfkrant was the fanzine that ‘Swat’ Steven Schepers (Helchteren, Belgium) did in the second half of the 80s (with help of his nephew Peter Bergmans a.k.a. ‘Pete Borrelnootje’ a.k.a. ‘Stany Blitzmobiel’). On this cassette-tape he compiled “previously unreleased material” of a bunch of punk/hardcore/new-wave bands. He also stated “Those bands having more than one song on this tape are not necessary our favourites, but are – in most cases – bands needing the extra publicity a bit more than others.”.

The tape is a donation by Steven ‘Stel’ R.

‘Swat’ also did ‘Deadly Serious’, a funny hiphop/punk/rap-core project (“the local ‘Beastie Boys’…”); at first with a drummer, later a drum-computer. Also his girlfriend (Vicky Hoogmartens) got involved briefly at a certain timepoint.

Golden Strings (Maastricht, Ned): Dirk (vocals/guitar), Ingmar (guitar/vocals), Jay (trumpet), Serge van Dalsen (drums; R.I.P.)

The Gentry (Wormer, Ned): Andre Berkhout (drums), Hans Postel (vocals), Laurens Vredevoort (guitar), Louis Nagtegaal (bass)

Heibel (Diepenbeek, Bel): ‘Bollie’ Ivan Nijs (vocals; R.I.P.), Steven Luts (guitar), Pé Reynders (guitar), Erwin Reynders (bass), Jo Reynders (drums)

Core Of Reality (Hasselt/Bree, Bel): ‘Veld’ Edwin Vande Velde (drums), Stefan ‘Stang’ (guitar), David (bass), ‘Swat’ Steven Schepers (guitar/vocals)

Asbestos Rockpyle (Suitland, Maryland): Paul R. W. Clark (guitar/vocals), Gene Hiland Humphrey (bass), Darryl Dardenne (drums)

Buy Off The Bar (Amsterdam, Ned): Loet Schilder (drums), Paul Hekkert (guitar/vocals), Marcel Van Hoof (bass), Michel Lemmens (vocals/sax)

EA 80 (Mönchengladbach, Ger): ‘Junge’ Karl Martin Kircher (vocals), Nico von Brunn (drums; replacing ‘Nawid’), Nick (bass), ‘Hals Maul’ Thomas Hütten (guitar)

Indirekt (Hoorn, Ned): Anneke Knip (vocals), Rick Blom (bass), Ruud Sweering (guitar), Niels de Wit (drums; replacing Jeroen Hennis)

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): ‘Veld’ Edwin Vande Velde a.k.a. ‘The Big Blaster’ (drums), ‘Swat’ a.k.a. The Mighty PhD’ (vocals/guitar)

Dawn Of Liberty (Neerpelt, Bel): Stefan Joosten (vocals), Stijn Persoons (drums), Luc ‘2Va’ Deckers (bass), Danny ‘Frits’ Brebels (guitar), Danny Vandevelde (guitar)

Eton Crop (Kudelstaart/Nieuwkoop, Ned): Corné Bos (bass), Ed Seroos (drums; later ‘Spike’ Lucas Daalder), Erwin Blom (vocals/guitar), Peter De Kwaasteniet (guitar), Peter Verscheuren (organ)

Ampachen (Groningen, Ned): Onno Ottevanger (drums), Marcel Ottevanger (vocals/guitar), Rinze Rinzema (guitar), Erwin (bass)

The Dog Needles (Tokyo, Jap): Roger Armstrong (vocals; also in ‘SIC’ & drummer of ‘No Lip’), ‘Ham Deal’ Terence B. Smart (bass; ex ‘Butthole Surfers’), ‘Marco Polo’ (), ‘Bazuka’ ().

M.B.P.; Maximum Break Party (Groningen, Ned): Jules Beersma (vocals), Vincent (bass/vocals), Michel (guitar; R.I.P.), Onno Ottevanger (guitar/vocals), Henk Mulder (drums)

Emotional Blackmail [later renamed Struggle For Peace] (Bree, Bel): Stany ‘Steno’ (vocals/drums; a.k.a. Gyzmo, Zelfkrant columnist), ‘Pier’ (guitar)

Of course ‘Heibel’ and ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ couldn’t be left out, being well-known Belgian (Limburg) bands. I found their demo-sound better than the one on vinyl, so I wanted to capture that. In Maastricht (The Netherlands Limburg) I had contacts with two bands who got a lot of airplay through John Peel on BBC’s Radio 1: ‘Golden Strings’ & ‘Buy Off The Bar’. And ‘Eton Crop’, from Kudelstaart (near Amsterdam) also had to be featured, because they also belonged in that list. Not punk or HC, but all nice, conscious people with the DIY spirit, who then reigned supreme. I discovered the rest of the foreign bands through other tapes or reviews in M.R.R. Particularly, I wanted to document the local ‘scene’, plus bands that were less obvious in the circuit, being misfits or not not exactly the hype of the day.


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