Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (Ita) Right To Be Italian; tape (1995)


(A) live(B) demo

On 87-05-08 I wellcomed this band in my hometown (Werner of Hageland Hardcore had asked me ’cause he couldn’t organise a gig himself). Little did I know this was gonna be one of their last shows… For myself, it was the start of even more ‘adventures’: getting to know singer Syd (who was about to move to VanHall squat in Amsterdam and start his booking-agency Big White Flash at 6) opened up a lot of opportunities…

By the end of their existence, the band (originating from Pisa), consisted of ‘Syd Migx’ Piercecchi (vocals), Antonio Cecchi (guitar), Sandro Favilli (bass; also ‘I Refuse It!’) and Alessandro (Alex) Fantinato (drums). In the beginning (e.g. on the 400 Fascists 7″ from 1981), ‘Dome La Muerte’ Domenico Petrosino played guitar and Antonio bass. Also ‘Vipera’ Andrea Salani (‘I Refuse It!’ & ‘Putrid Fever’) drummed for the band at some timepoint. Antonello Mancini (‘Tony Rat’) was the singer in the earliest line-up of ‘C.C.M.’ for a short period .

This tape (released in 1995), is a compilation of tracks of the band’s 1983 demo and live recordings of their last ever show (Bologna, 87-06-20). It was released by Roberto Lentino (Provincia Attiva tape-label) and Giulio Baldizzone (vocalist of ‘Cripple Bastards’, runs the labels E.U. – Estremisti Uniti – ’91 Produzioni & F.O.A.D. recs) in 1995.


When Roberto asked me the permission to re-publish one of the old ‘C.C.M.’ tapes, I found myself in a rather difficult position. First of all because I didn’t think it was fair but secondly because I didn’t have the authority to decide for 5 people, all by myself. But later on I changed my mind for the opposite. I knew that some of our “unofficial tapes” (that is: tapes we recorded while practicing or via the mixing-desk at shows) were regularly sold at incredibly high prices – no need to mention the sound-quality… – and a bunch of people were buying them! Secondly, it came to my mind that when we were still playing shows, we NEVER refused ANY of our songs to anyone that wanted to use them for their compilations, unless we were TOTALLY sure that no-one would make ANY money from it, as music-biz had always been a term banned from our band-legacy. And this is one of such cases. This tape – that you should NEVER cost more than 3000 Italian Lire [ca. 1,50 Euro] – contains part of the master for the very first ‘C.C.M’ demo (We’re The Juvenile Delinquency). It was recorded at the practicing-space of ‘Wardogs’ [early 80s HC band from Lucca], by means of a simple cassette-recorder. Still, its sound-quality turned out to be quite good, for the era. The line-up was: ‘Syd Migx’ – vocals, ‘Dome’ – guitar, Antonio – bass, Alex – drums. I don’t have any idea what year it was recorded… [summer ’83] I’m just certain it was earlier than the Furious Party EP [recorded late ’84]. On the other side, you’ll find the recording of our last show in Bologna. I’m particularly fond of it because it contains one of our best pieces ever (only played once live on a stage), that I believe reflects the band’s feel at the time (at least mine). Here the line-up had changed to: myself on guitar, ‘Syd Migx’ on vocals, Sandro on bass and Alex on drums. Whoever that doesn’t agree with my words here, should know that I wrote this in good faith, and in memory of the positive attitude which always was one of our band’s trademarks. This tape is dedicated to [Antonio’s son] ‘Mast High’ Henry (born 1993) and to the other lives to come [Nicola followed in 2001]. Pisa, June 1995.

Antonio Cecchi

‘C.C.M.’ (85-12-25, Venlo, The Netherlands) courtesy of Helge Schreiber

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