Silent Anger (Hol) demo (1987)


side A: No Future For Us / Change Of Mind / Autonomy

side B: Family Life / Equal Rights / Soldier Boy

A tape from ‘Stel’s collection… This band was from Sittard (Limburg, The Netherlands). Recordings by Mat Aerts (Limbabwe) at O.O.C. Venlo (87-05-11); with Gu(u)s Hoezen (drums), Sue’ Susan Dobbs (bass), Jack Broen (guitar) & Michel Augustus (vocals).


I was the founder, guitarist and songwriter of ‘Silent Anger’. I used to know ‘Manskracht’ [Martine Berx; R.I.P.] well – met her at a gig in a pub in Hasselt where she worked and where ‘Heibel’ played. After that show I joined ‘Stel’ to visit someone… I used to spend time with ‘Bollie’ [‘Heibel’ vocalist] in Leuven quite often. Also stayed at Jurgen’s (‘Capital Scum’) grandmother [Jurgen’s mom, Werner’s grandma] and knew Werner Excelmans (bought records from him).

Jack Broen

Stel’s review in Metallised #8

They were not a Limbabwe scene band… In 1988 Gert-Jan (‘Joe’) [Avesaath] and myself ‘commercialised’ the studio, after taking it over from the O.O.C. and transferring it to a new site in Tegelen. The name (Klank studio) existed already. A lot of bands came over for recordings, it was our ‘job’; most took the master with them… Can’t really remember.

Mat Aerts

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  1. My first concert was ‘G.B.H.’ in Sittard in January 1987. A short time before that I’d met Jack, Sue & the rest. Han, drummer of ‘Swampsurfers’, lived a few doors away and I spend an afternoon at his apartment in Sittard. Later I bought the ‘Swampsurfers’ demo from him. Jack sold me some great albums too: first ‘Heibel’ album, second ‘Offenders’ album, ‘Inferno’ and ‘No Allegiance’ … still have them!
    Guus and Michel studied, just like me, at the Grafische School in Eindhoven. And we sometimes met on the train to school … if they were able to get out of bed in time.


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