Bionic (Ger) & Kick’n’Run (Ger) split-tape (1989)


On this tape (a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.), Spirit Family – a band-collective and small label from Hannover ran by Karl Nagel (and friends) – is presenting 2 bands from the scene there. ‘Kick’n’Run’ was the band of Olivié Wolf (guitar; later in ‘Militant Mothers’); and ‘Bionic’ was with Arne Langguth (bass), ‘Chico’ Roland Wedig (guitar; also ‘M.M.’), Lars Langguth (vocals) & Tilo Drescher (drums). By the way: the guy pictured on the cover of their 12″ is NOT Jens Gallmeyer (‘Gigantor’ guitarist)…


Both bands split up in 90/91 – and their guitarplayers became the guitarists for ‘Militant Mothers’ [Olivié Wolf / ‘Chico’ Roland Wedig].

Karl Nagel (real name Peter Altenburger; singer of ‘Militant Mothers’)

We were just four friends who started a band, lived, skated and did all kinds of “funny” things together. It was our first expirience in music and we had so much fun doing it we decided to record some tunes. We continued several years in other bands…

Lars Langguth

I founded ‘Kick’n’Run’ with ‘Schwein’/Mirco Lepinski [vocals]. There were several drummers an bassplayers involved – Richi (‘Kybernetics’), Hein (‘Alte Kameraden’) and H.W. [‘Harvey Hustler’ Hans-Werner Quast] who was also playing in ‘Militant Mothers’. I joined ‘M.M.’ because Eike, the former guitarist, left the band. Since H.W. and me were practicing for the ‘M.M.’ European tour, we didn‘t have the time for ‘Kick’n’Run’ and the singer left. We were playing 5 ‘Kick’n’Run’ songs with the ‘Mothers’…all with different lyrics. They’re on the ‘M.M.’ album Different Souls (e.g. Planet Of The Apes).

‘Kick’n’Run’ split up December 89. As I said myself and H.W. were also in M.M. H.W. is Hans-Werner Quast… I don‘t know where ‘Hustler’ comes from. Perhaps from his fast slapping???

Olivié Wolf

I’m a record/memorabilia dealer and “all around punkrock/HC nerd” who reads/consults blogs like yours on a daily basis when it comes to finding out details about rather “obscure” releases. I’m a collector, run a label, play in bands and therefore make a living out of HC/punk. Do as you please; I couldn’t care less about ‘Bionic’.

Tilo Drescher (G-Force recs)

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