Vais (Bel) Silent Torture (1991) & Roaming Forever (1992)


Roaming Forever: side Aside B

A metal band (with connections to the HC/punk-scene) from Antwerp with: Ingrid Martens (vocals), David Jeursen (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass; ex ‘Track’, ex ‘Bad Influence’) and Alex Meynen (drums; ex ‘Basement Boys’, replaced first drummer Sascha). After ‘Vais’ Ingrid, David & Danny started ‘Kin Without The Blood’; later on Ingrid & David formed ‘Hellsonics’ (a “punky/metal psychobilly” band).

My review in Tilt! #7: >>Pretty technical downbeat and dark metal. Decent female vocals with a tendency towards the dramatic. They impressed me live [93-04-11] but the tape is not so strong. Still good in it’s style. Minus: the rather high price.<<

They’d started around 1988. David: “We released 3 or 4 tapes and appeared on a few compilation-CDs and -tapes. Our punk roots were still present but there was also more metal, perhaps even nu-metal avant-la-lettre, because we also began to experiment with samples and sub-base sounds e.g., before ‘Korn’ and the likes got known for that.”. Roaming Forever is their second tape: about a year earlier they’d released Silent Torture [ripped and donated by Danny].


What David says only applied to our next band ‘Kin Without The Blood’ according to me. There we experimented with samples… ‘Vais’ just did these 2 demos. No samples. In the very beginning ‘Vais’ was an all-girl band, that was the intention but it didn’t really get off the ground. Bernaded Dexters (photographer) and myself had just gotten back from New York (1986) and one cold winter-evening we suddenly got the idea to try someting music-wise; still under the spell of CBGBs and the electric vibe of that metrolpolis. Starting from scratch we tried some girl garage-rock ‘The Pandoras’ covers. But the idea of an all-girl band didn’t work out. As a matter of fact Vaïs was the first song ever that I made together with Bernaded: it was in Spanish, influenced by the Spaish no-future punk-scene. “Vais de la vida a la muerte, Vais de la nada en la nada!” [You go from life to death, you go from nothing to nothing!] Becasue our first gig (in the 1000 Appeltjes), supporting ‘Oi Polloi’ [88-07-03], came quickly and we needed a band-name, we couldn’t get anything better than ‘Vais’. Bernaded did that gig with us but shortly after our ways separated and I continued ‘Vais’ with David, Danny & Sascha, later Alex on drums. And we evolved towards punk-metal.

Ingrid Martens

Silent Torture:

Restrictions Of LifeDesire For Pain / Blood On Your Hands / Prisoners in Body, Prisoners In Life / Black Storm / Gates To Hell…


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