Belli Cosi (Ita) & Sparkle (Ita) split-promo (1995)


Belli Cosi: Mare Di Guai (sea of trouble) / Vertigini (dizziness) / Guardando Il (looking at) / Lei Disse (the law said) / Ferruccia

Sparkle: La Do (give it) / Mal Di Testa (headache) / Oci Ciornie (dark eyes) / Cartoon / Libero Bis (second defender)

Bello Cosi‘ (“so beautiful”) was a hardcore/punk band from Torino with Antonio ‘Tono’ Marincola (bass; later Lele Giraudo of Smartz recs), Davide Turi (guitar), Felice ‘Felix’ Sciscioli (drums) and Sabino Pace (vocals/keyboards).

Felice Sciscioli was also in the band ‘Sparkle’ where his brother Francisco played guitar and sang. The others were Riccardo ‘Riky’ Giachino (bass) and Dario Prodan (accordion).

I believe this promo was sent to me by Davide Turi to ask help with gigs and/or distribution before the release of their 1st 7″ Il Disco Dell’Anno (which was in 1996). They did 2 previous demos (’93/’94). Sabino released most of their material out on his label Sborra recs.

Review in Tilt! #9: >>Need a shot of energy? Listen to B.C. A fresh dash of uptempo to fast HC/punk mixed with some rock and ska. All underlined with playful keyboards. It sounds very enjoyable, very danceable. They even play a ska-core version of the ‘Ramones’ song Punkrocker. I detect the humour and the wit of a band like ‘D.D.I.’, only I hear they’re not as commited to DIY as my friends in Pavia. Lyrics in Italian.<<

“This cassette is entirely self-produced by ‘Sparkle’ and ‘Belli Cosi’ who, after the wine-cellar was emptied, decided to do a small promo in view of the release (when we will have the money), of some nice vinyl with all the recorded songs that we couldn’t include because of a lack of space and money.

‘Sparkle’ are 4 people and ‘Belli Cosi’ are 5, and 4+5 = 8 because Felice, the drummer plays in both bands. ‘Sparkle’ and ‘Belli Cosi’ play to have fun, to drink beers and to get the party going wherever possibe.

Both bands are part of the same scene.

The style varies between … We don’t even know ourselves! So listen to this tape and if you like it, even though it’s just one song, a burp, a phlegm; get in touch!

Thank you”

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