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Crippled By Society (USA) tape (1988)


Tracks: (A) Total Rebellion / Where Is The Freedom / Am I Wrong * (B) No Way Out / Diehard!

A HC/thrash band from San Antonio, Texas. On these recordings: Andy Katz (vocals), Erik Briedé (bass), Mike Lipscombe (guitar) & Matt Voss (drums). Late 1986 they had already released a demo (Dead To The World) with Andy, Mike, Erik (on 2nd guitar) and Mark Garza (bass).

The tape was a donation of Steven ‘Stel’ R.


‘Crippled By Society’ came from the San Antonio hardcore scene. The original line-up was Andy Katz (vocals), Mike Lipscomb (guitar), Erik Briedé (guitar), Mark Garza (bass) and Matt Voss (drums). It’s in your face attitude and aggressive live shows quickly developed a strong and devoted following. Early on ‘C.B.S.’ opened for headliners such as the ‘Exploited’, ‘White Zombie’, ‘D.R.I.’, etc. The band entered the studio to lay the tracks for its first demo for which final editing was never completed though the demo was released due to popular demand. A year or so later Mark Garza left the band and created the opportunity to expand its presence in the strong and well known South Texas metal scene. Andy Katz, an already solid front-man, also started to play rhythm guitar and rather than introduce a new member to the band, Erik Briedé assumed the role of bassist. This new formation generated a faster, tighter and more aggressive blend of hardcore and speed-metal that further expanded its local fan-base. The new incarnation of ‘C.B.S.’ opened for headliners such as ‘Angkor Wat’, ‘D.R.I.’, ‘Danzig’, ‘Social Distortion’, ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ and many other headlining acts on tour. The band went into the studio to record its second demo and shortly thereafter its song Total Rebellion was picked to be on the compilation Bands Only A Mutha Could Love. The new demo was very well received and ‘C.B.S.’ did several tours as a head-lining act throughout the south. For reasons that are still unclear, ‘C.B.S.’ disbanded in the early 90s and its members went in to pursue other musical endeavours. Andy Katz went on to play with ‘Cannibal Crew’, Matt Boss went off to play drums with the ‘Shit Magnets’ and Erik Briedé devotes his time with his band ‘Cross-Eyed Mary’ with Andrew Lopez (guitarist for ‘Fearless Iranians from Hell’). ‘Crippled By Society’ was included in an architectural exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute connecting hardcore bands with the places from where they came. In 2019 the band was featured in the book As Viewed From The Pit that covered the famous South Texas metal scene from the late 80s and early 90s. Also in 2019, ‘C.B.S.’s song Alcohol Slur off the first demo was included on the Taco City Rockers compilation released by Kaniption recs. Most recently discussions have been ongoing regarding remixing and releasing the second demo in vinyl, however, no date for this project has been confirmed…

Erik Briedé

review Metallised #11


Crowd Of Isolated (Ger) Blow Up Your Chains; tape (1986)


(A) Flowers Of Love / Go! / Run ‘Till Death / Isolation / Last Chance

(B) Cold Dark World / Blow Up Your Chains! / Bodyman / Woman / Plastic Flowers

First release of ‘C.O.I.’ (Saarbrücken), donated by Steven ‘Stel’ R. Some of the tracks re-appeared on the band’s debut-LP I Try To Tell About A Way… (recorded Nov. 87, released 88). A bit after that we invited Peter ‘Guschtel’ Gundal (guitar), Jürgen Thiel (drums) and the Kammer-bros Claus (bass) & Michael ‘Gurke’ (vocals) to do a show (Smurfpunx 88-04-29). If you wanna know how they sounded like live, check out Crowd Of Isolated (Ger) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-04-29).

‘Stel’s review in Metallised #9

Sundance (UK) The Beyond Within; tape (1990)



+ Extras (Ban On Impunity / Caught In The Act / Cloned To Obey / The Beyond Within #2 / Invincible (?) / Eye To Eye)

NOTE: Links to the tracks have been removed because ‘Gizz’ Butt (despite his initial permission) decided he doesn’t want to see them made public: he makes a living from his music (sic) and apparently wants to ‘revive’ this himself, after 30+ years of silence… Also other of his band-projects (e.g. ‘Monkey Jungle’) will remain in oblivion.

A tape from ‘Stel’ Steven R.’s collection; an advance tape to the LP that was released on Loony Tunes recs (1990). ‘Sundance’ (from Peterborough) was a band with ‘Gizzy’ (Graham Anthony) Butt (formerly ‘English Dogs’ & ‘WarDance’) doing guitar/vocals. The others were David Reid (bass/vocals) & Spike(y) T. Smith (drums; also ‘Sacrilege’ & ‘English Dogs’).


So this band sprang from the splitting of my old band ‘WarDance’ which I formed with Andy ‘Frantic’ [‘WarDance’ bassist]. It was a bit sad really but in a nutshell, I really enjoyed being in a band with Spike T. Smith as the drummer, and didn’t enjoy so much Andy as the bassist. We were mates but he was a bit of a cock! Spike and Andy lived together but their relationship was becoming more and more fraught. It peaked one day, they had a ridiculous argument and Spike let Andy have it, letting him know what he thought of him and he didn’t want to play with him anymore. I had a decision to make and this time I chose to go off piste and form a new band with Spike and semi stealing the old band-name; ‘Sundance’ was formed with me, Spike and a local musician Dave Reid. Dave was into Bowie, ‘The Pixies’ and avant-guarde . I was the lead singer and taking a departure from my usual punk vocals which I’d been used to, I took a more melodic vocal.

The overall sound came out not a million miles dissimilar to ‘Rush’ although I was probably trying to be something else. Many of the songs [‘Gizzy’ talks about the album] were imported from my punk-metal band ‘The Desecrators’: The Beyond Within (about LSD), Sentenced To Life (about suicide), Ban On Impurity (which travelled with me through every band I was in), Caught In The Act (about prejudice), Cloned To Obey (about the refusal to voice up) and Rose Garden Funeral (a semi gothic horror song). With this new musical treatment, they were given a hint of ‘Bad Brains’, ‘Living Colour’ and early ‘Faith No More’. The new songs like Too Far Away, Soul Inside and Put Something Back came along when I was searching for some meaning in everything, and along the way stumbled into self-healing, dream-reading, numerology, astral projection , magic and I guess a mild interest in the paranormal. It was my spiritual discovery. I was visiting stone-circles and burial-chambers and the like. Victoria Falls was a melodic punk song from ‘WarDance’ and to top it all off there was the song Invincible which was about John Lennon and had my typical ‘Metallica’ influenced chugging and riffing. Above all, I was trying to make a stand as a guitarist and I felt I needed a vehicle like ‘Sundance’ to do it.

The album was recorded in Boston at the studio GEMS where ‘Saxon’ had recorded and overall the production was very good.

‘Gizzy’ Butt

>>Asian Punk Lives<< (various) compilation (1997)



Words / Silence Is Obey (‘Argue Damnation’) * Irritation / Prostitute / Macho Shit / Corrupt Media Technology (‘Human Waste’) * Scumbag / Fuck Off / Gano’n Ba (‘New Found Heritage’) * Suicide / No Sympathy / Fool Authority (‘Social Outrage’) * Booby Trap / Forgetful (‘Pregnant Men’)


Forced Patrionism / Priced Of Progression (‘Disobedience’) * R.P. / Hate Speaks (‘Abrasive Relations’) * Better Man / Take On Me [‘a-ha’ cover] / Not Gonna Listen / The End (‘Bench’) * Leech / Rise (‘Beyond Description’) * Politicians / Justice / Revolution (‘The Bollocks’)


A compilation on the Japanese (from Sendai) label Sprout recs (ran by Tsuyoshi Konno who later sang for D-beat band ‘Desperdicio’). It was sent to me for review in Tilt! zine but it didn’t make it to the last issue. People can check it out themselves now.

Argue Damnation (Kobe, Japan): ‘Aioshi’ (bass/vocals), ‘Mattsuan’ Kouichiro Matsubara (guitar/vocals), ‘Kaidarrggghh’ (drums)

Human Waste (Las Pinas, Philippines): Rogel Gluehead (vocals), Mikey (bass), Amiel (guitar), Jorge (drums)

New Found Heritage (San Pedro, Philippines): Adi Juano (drums), Vanni Lumapas (bass), Edmond Juano (guitar), Jose ‘Jojo’ Ganesco

Social Outrage (San Pedro, Philippines): Phillip ‘Raw’ Umayam (vocals), Mark Gilongos (guitar), Modjong Gudani (bass), Delong Juano (drums)

Pregnant Men (Hong Kong): James Adamovich (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), Zachary Williams (drums), Dylan (guitar), Ian Smith (guitar)

Disobedience (Mandaluyong city, Philippines): Jose Vargas ()

Abrasive Relations (Pasig, Philippines): Loi Calo (guitar), Tuesday Bolneo (bass), Watz Sanchez (drums), Lai Crisostomo (guitar), Divine Asai (vocals)

Bench (Seoul, South-Korea): Sean Gerner (guitar/vocals), Bill(y) Maurer (guitar), Tim Stys (bass), Miles Sexton (drums; replacing Jimmy Coles)

Beyond Description (Tokyo, Japan): Hideyuki Okahara (vocals), Yusuke Adachi (bass), Kazunari Komatsuzaki (drums), Yasunari Honda (guitar)

The Bollocks (Kuala Pilah, Malaysia): Farid (vocals), Adik (bass), Khuzai (drums), Tom ‘Bollocks’ (guitar)