>>Asian Punk Lives<< (various) compilation (1997)



Words / Silence Is Obey (‘Argue Damnation’) * Irritation / Prostitute / Macho Shit / Corrupt Media Technology (‘Human Waste’) * Scumbag / Fuck Off / Gano’n Ba (‘New Found Heritage’) * Suicide / No Sympathy / Fool Authority (‘Social Outrage’) * Booby Trap / Forgetful (‘Pregnant Men’)


Forced Patrionism / Priced Of Progression (‘Disobedience’) * R.P. / Hate Speaks (‘Abrasive Relations’) * Better Man / Take On Me [‘a-ha’ cover] / Not Gonna Listen / The End (‘Bench’) * Leech / Rise (‘Beyond Description’) * Politicians / Justice / Revolution (‘The Bollocks’)


A compilation on the Japanese (from Sendai) label Sprout recs (ran by Tsuyoshi Konno who later sang for D-beat band ‘Desperdicio’). It was sent to me for review in Tilt! zine but it didn’t make it to the last issue. People can check it out themselves now.

Argue Damnation (Kobe, Japan): ‘Aioshi’ (bass/vocals), ‘Mattsuan’ Kouichiro Matsubara (guitar/vocals), ‘Kaidarrggghh’ (drums)

Human Waste (Las Pinas, Philippines): Rogel Gluehead (vocals), Mikey (bass), Amiel (guitar), Jorge (drums)

New Found Heritage (San Pedro, Philippines): Adi Juano (drums), Vanni Lumapas (bass), Edmond Juano (guitar), Jose ‘Jojo’ Ganesco

Social Outrage (San Pedro, Philippines): Phillip ‘Raw’ Umayam (vocals), Mark Gilongos (guitar), Modjong Gudani (bass), Delong Juano (drums)

Pregnant Men (Hong Kong): James Adamovich (bass/vocals; R.I.P.), Zachary Williams (drums), Dylan (guitar), Ian Smith (guitar)

Disobedience (Mandaluyong city, Philippines): Jose Vargas ()

Abrasive Relations (Pasig, Philippines): Loi Calo (guitar), Tuesday Bolneo (bass), Watz Sanchez (drums), Lai Crisostomo (guitar), Divine Asai (vocals)

Bench (Seoul, South-Korea): Sean Gerner (guitar/vocals), Bill(y) Maurer (guitar), Tim Stys (bass), Miles Sexton (drums; replacing Jimmy Coles)

Beyond Description (Tokyo, Japan): Hideyuki Okahara (vocals), Yusuke Adachi (bass), Kazunari Komatsuzaki (drums), Yasunari Honda (guitar)

The Bollocks (Kuala Pilah, Malaysia): Farid (vocals), Adik (bass), Khuzai (drums), Tom ‘Bollocks’ (guitar)

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