Unhinged (Bel) 2nd demo (1995)


Tracks: Out / Reality / Misère (Misery) / So It Goes / Violence

After the 1st demo of my Liège friends there was this second one that was recorded April 1995: Nabate’s Manu (vocals) & Alain (guitar), plus ‘Hiatus’ Willy Nollomont (bass) & Azill Kamizol (drums). Their friend Mireille was doing extra vocals. The songs from this tape were also on ‘Unhinged’s first album Wind Our Freedom In Fire.

Again fierceful throat-cutting/gut-stabbing “crust-emo”… From my review of the LP in Tilt! #9: >>This gives me goose-bumps! Can’t get enough of this band! What power, what torment! When I see & hear them live, I always get the the feeling like a piece of barbed wire is strung around my heart, and all the pain and misery is being squeezed out. Then I see Alain smilingly strangle his guitar and think of all the good times of the past… Manic and so energetic, one can’t but get wild; a bone-chilling sound that sets all sorts of emotions free. The thumping bass and pounding drums enhance this by making your bowels feel as if they gonna burqt out of your belly. Heart-felt, desperate and furious screams… The insert tells us there’s (French & English) lyrics about mental institutions, apathy, desperation, society’s violence, etc. This stuff is of vital importance to me.<<

Beginning of 1996 Manu left ‘Unhinged’ because singing made her throat worse and worse. She was replaced by Nat(halie) Linotte, who sang on the second LP (Crime And Punishment). In spring 1998 Nat, Alain & Wills toured the US with Ben (ex ‘Hiatus’) replacing (also on the LP) Azill on drums. On tour in Spain (Oct ’98) Wills was replaced by Tomoy (‘Scraps’). After the turn of the century Manu & Wills resurfaced in ‘Twisted System’… Alain played in the rock-band ‘Two-Star Hotel’ (with Ben) and is/was active in a few non-profit organisations (Jonruelle, Casa Nicaragua, La Zone).

‘Unhinged’ Alain+Manu (Ras L’Bol #6)


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