Disgrace (Hol) For Humanity; tape (1989)



Seven Great Ways To Fly From A Sky-scraper Standing In The Middle Of Sybrandaburen / So Much Hate / You Went Smiling To Your Death / Home Sweet Home (live) / Teatime / Feel Insecure / The River (live) / Sickman / Drunk Driver / Gloating / Never Ending Bullshit

A thrash band from Leeuwarden (Friesland) with René van der Zee (guitar), Gerhard Derksen (bass), Gert-Jan Zwagerman (vocals) & Koos van der Velde (drums; later Bertus de Blauw & Jelle Buma). If I remember well I met them at/helped with a few Belgian shows (89-04-29 Bissegem, 90-01-13 Dendermonde, 91-05-05 Eernegem)…

Review in Tilt!  #5: >>Older stuff with their first drummer. Superfast HC with enough versatility to keep your attention goin’. Sarcastic lyrics. Very good indeed.<< Later that same year the 7″ Yo! Satan was recorded: >>Great, superfast (no grind) but untraditional HC with surprising ornaments. Intelligent (anti-racist/-fascist) lyrics. Quite different from their demo.<<

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