D.D.I. (Ita) Pazzi Da Asporto; advance-tape (1996)




Intro / Sbanca La Banca [Break The Bank] / Coppia Felice [Happy Couple] / Fuck The Police / Nato Per Essere… [Born To Become…] / Due Parole [Two Words] / Chirac [French politician] / Aspirina [Aspirin] / Chitarrista Dilettante [Amateur Guitarist] / Sei Fortunato [You’re lucky] / Annabelva [Anna-beast]

‘Degenerazione D’Incubo’ (“nightmare degeneration”) from Pavia were a happy-go-lucky bunch but also a wonderful anarcho-collective/ political HC band who (live) highlighted their lyrics and ideas with ironic/ tongue-in-cheek but smart little theatre/cabaret-pieces; almost comedia dell’arte… They promoted D.I.Y. and cooperation: their 10” Pazzi Da Asporto (“removal of the lunatics”) – of which this tape was an advance – was co-released (’96) by a few European D.I.Y. labels: Pawel’s Scream recs (Poland), Bob & Seth ‘Active Minds’ Loony Tunes recs (UK), Sned’s Flat Earth recs (UK), Jon Elliott’s Active distribution (UK), Nikt Nic Nie Wie (Pol), Maloka (Fra), etc. These all chipped in to support the release. Even my Tilt! mailorder/distribution provided some funding… The original cover was a screen-printed envelope and contained a 32-page booklet.

I also distributed their material and set up a few shows for them. There’s a report (with photos) of 2 at the Vort’n Vis (95-09-1696-09-20) and I did an interview in Tilt! #9 with them…

The band consisted of Dario Quatrini (guitar), ‘Gallo’ Alessandro Garlaschelli (guitar), Gianpiero ‘Mila’ Milani (vocals), Gio(vanni) Lazzaroni (drums) and Edo(ardo) Puglisi (bass) & Daniele ‘Lele’ Malabarba (bass). ‘Mila’ (later Agipunk), Irith Davidson, Piero Majocchi & Luca Musso ran AZ (Astro Zombies) Autoproduzioni (distro and label). Later Edo left later because of civil service and Lenin Montes De Oca of ‘Los Crudos’ joined. The recordings of their 10” Pazzi Da Asporto (finished spring ’96) feautured Edo, Lele, Gio, Mila, Dario & Gallo. Great political fast HC with a playful twist! Extremely inspiring and super-energetic!

My review of their self-produced 7” Fanculo I Suoni Puliti (“fuck clean sounds“) (’94) in Tilt! #8 goes as follows: >>Extremely energizing, straightforward melodic HC. Political/DIY.<<; and the 10” in Tilt! #9: >>This sextet is one of the most playful bunches I’ve ever met. Their music reflects that: extremely inspiring and super-energetic, fast but melodic HC with surprising and witty hooks’n’breaks. The words talk about serious subjects (sexism, the money-system, ecology, animal-rights, etc.), yet are written with a humourous touch. A band that could move the masses to start a revolution…smilingly! D.D.I. = D.I.Y. without compromises.<<

Patty Cracolici was the singer of ‘D.D.I.’ on their last album (split with ‘Stalker’, 1998), together with Dimitri (guitar), Carlo (guitar) & Gigi (bass); and some of the original members… In 2007, a few of the band did a book (Make Music Not Money) about the D.I.Y. HC/punk-scene in Pavia and Italy, and D.D.I. reformed without Mila to do a a tour (8 gigs). The following years they organised punk gigs in Pavia. In 2015 Piero, Gio, Lelo & Edo started a new band called ‘Malabrocca’ (named after the cyclist Luigi Malabrocca).

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