Challenger Crew (Ger) Start In Den Tod; demo (1986)



Start … / Rape Your Mother / There’s A Man / Admit You’re Shit / Schneller, Lauter, … [Faster, Louder, …] / Weißt Du Es? [Do You know?] / Words Are Useless / Just A Jerk / Revolution ? / … In Den Tod [To Death] (Ennio Morricone)

‘Challenger Crew’ was a HardCore band from Homburg (Saarland, Germany) with ‘Moses’ Michael Arndt (vocals), ‘Noodle’ Daniel Weinbrod (drums), ‘Stoffel’ Stephan Junkes (guitar) & Thomas Hoheisel (bass). The latter 2 joined ‘Spermbirds’ Lee Hollis in ‘2Bad’. Someone wrote ‘C.C.’ “played a crossover style of thrashing hardcore with influences of ‘Attitude Adjustment’ mixed with ‘Tu Du Hospital’ & ‘Sons Of Sadism’…”.

This tape was recorded in 1986 and a year later Peter Hoeren (later Crucial Response recs) relased 5 tracks of this demo on vinyl (7″) on his label Anti-Schelski recs. The split-LP with ‘Everything Falls Apart’ also got out in 1987 (that was on Armin Hofmann’s X-Mist recs and Reiner Mettner’s Double A recs).

The band was invinted to perform on a Smurfpix gig (87-03-15) but unfortunately they didn’t show up.

The tape can be listened to Andreas Michalke’s website but ‘Moses’ agreed that it could use some more attention, so here you go…

After he had done a few issues of his own zine Vox Vulgi, ‘Moses’ collaborated with Dolf Hermannstädter & Armin Hofmann for Trust magazine. From June ’88 on he did a whole series of ZAP hardcore fanzine. Later he also wrote a couple of books (Chaostage – of which a movie was made – & New York City Hardcore).

‘Challenger Crew’ (Esslingen, Ger, 1986); courtesy of Stephan Junkes

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