Exit Condition (UK) Impact Time; tape (1988)


(A): Twisted Tracks / Fast Forward / Stop At Nothing / White Collar Witch / Skate Hero / Fear For Tomorrow

(B): instrumental / Bite Down Hard / Direct Hit / Needle On Red / 10.000 Lights

A band from Stoke-on-Trent that played melodic hardcore. On this tape (from Steven ‘Stel’ R.’s collection) the line-up was: Shaun ‘Crabby’ Higgs (vocals), Darren Harris (guitar/vocals), Rob(ert) Jones (bass; later switched to guitar/vocals and was replaced by Dave Ellis) & Richard Stanier (drums). The recordings date from early 1988. Some tracks also appeared on the Bite Down Hard 7″ that Pushead released on his label the same year, others on the Days Of Wild Skies LP (Meantime recs 1990).


Impact Time was recorded in two sessions in January and March 1988. These were the first ‘proper’ recordings by the band following 18 months of hard gigging around our home-area of Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. Shaun ‘Crabby’ Higgs was singing on the March session. We had 200 copies of this tape professionally reproduced with red labels and about 50 copies were circulated to record labels, fanzines and promoters, with the rest being sold at shows. The tape brought the band some recognition in the International scene, with a good review in Maximum Rock’n’Roll, and interest from a few record-labels, including Pusmort.

‘Exit Condition’ was never a “political band”. We were all fans of the first generation of punk bands, and when those bands became stale and boring we latched onto the energy of the hardcore scene. We we loved the raw power of ‘Discharge’ but many of the other UK 82 style bands left us a bit under-whelmed, and it was the North American bands that really influenced us to play the way we did. We saw ‘Hüsker Dü’ in 1985, and that very down-to-earth approach with the great tunes and their uncompromising approach was really appealing to us. Britain’s ‘Stupids’ were also very important.  For me, being in a band with your friends was the best thing. That idea of creating something of your own and battling against the rest of the world…

Richard Stanier

L => R: Rob Jones, Darren Harris, Shaun Higgs & Richard Stanier

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