Counter-Attack (Bel) Demonstrate Or Demolition; demo (1996)


(A): Welke Gelijkheid? (“what equality”) / The Dullness Of Mankind / All Raise For The Next Case

(B): Poppycock / Mushrooms / Summary

Counter-Attack was an anarcho-punk band, orginally from Alken, Limburg (but gradually ‘embedded’ in the anarchist/squat scene in Ghent). They played anarcho-peace-punk influenced by ‘Crass’, ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’ & ‘Dirt’. Originally they had a female singer but the line-up became ‘Groovy’ Jochen (vocals), Stef ‘Irritant’ Heeren (guitar/vocals; later ‘Katastrophobia’ drummer), Wim ‘Simsallabim’ De Neve (bass), Jeroen (drums; later Yvan Meers of ‘Visons Of War’). Autum of 1998 they recorded for their Laments And Skulls LP on Prejudice prods. The recordings for Masters And Jesters (LP out on Nabate) were done at Michaël ‘Link’ Maes’ studio in December 1999. Some years before that (1996) Stef sent me a letter and their demo (Demonstrate Or Demolition) asking to help/support them with gigs.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Politico-punk with a distinct 80s feel (the ‘Crass’-era). Sounds rather ‘snotty’ (and I don’t mean that pejorative): simple riffs, high-pitched female vocals cut with male anarcho-rants and very little distortion on the guitar. But don’t get me wrong: this sounds very sincere and enraged. Lyrics about class-struggle, gender-roles, the juridical system, nationalism and nuclear arms. This seems a band dedicated to DIY and aiming for (a) revolutionary change.<<


This demo was the first feat of the very first line-up of ‘Counter-Attack’. Heavily influenced by ‘Crass’, sometimes a bit too much but quite fresh, in a time when everyone was into crust. I think that’s why we sounded interesting. At the time I was doing an internship for the non-profit association Voor Moeder Aarde [For Mother Earth; environmental organisation], hence the approach with anti-nuclear artwork. The demo helped us cross the borders of Limburg: amps and guitars on the train and of to another Leed festival at the Vort‘n Vis [autonomous hardcore-punk venue in Ieper]; fabulous times! It was my personal Pandora’s box and the impetus of what was to follow for ‘Counter-Attack’.


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