Eat Yourself (Fra) Vomeat Yourself & Roger Core Turbulence; demo’s (1987)


Roger Core Turbulence

Tout Est Bon (“everything is good”) / Chemical Warfare / Hardèchecore / Death Exploitation / Rambeauf / Discharge Boy George / Jesus Was Innocent / Saint-John Blues / Entracte (“intermission”) / Bismark Contre Le Camembert Bissextile (“Bismark against the Camembert leap-year”) / La Chevauchée Des Vaches Kiris (“the horse-race of the laughing cows”; La Vache Qui Rit is a brand of cheese) / Black Milk Of Death / Epi D’Or  (“golden blade”) / Malediction / Thrashathlon / Guerre Roger Chimik (“Roger chemical war”) / Diarée (“diarrhea”) / Le Temps Des Cerises (“the cherry season”) / Adieu, Denis Pilat, Adieu…

Vomeat Yourself (rehearsal)Vomeat Yourself  (live in garage)Vomeat Yourself (live in Grenoble)

Two tapes I got from Steven ‘Stel’ R. – Vomeat Yourself & Roger Core Turbulence – who reviewed them in Metallised #8 & #9 (see below)… The Roger Core Turbulence tape (released in ’87) was their actual “real” demo but (the same year) they had already sent out a cassette with “sort of studio” (rehearsal) and live tracks. The latter was entitled Vomeat Yourself. Laurent tells me that the Turbulence tape came with a booklet (a short A5 fanzine that contained the lyrics plus unrelated ‘articles’, jehovah witnesses parodies and select drawings) but that went missing…

‘Eat Yourself’ was a HC/punk band from Saint-Donat-sur-l’Herbasse (near Grenoble). Their music was rather raw and the lyrics rather ironic/funny/hilarious. The guys in the band were Laurent Seiter (bass/vocals, co-editor of Roger Mag), Bernard Verron (guitar; later ‘Seba’ Sébastien Charme who was also in ‘The Feebles’) & Xavier Aubonnet (drums).

Read more about the band in the interview in God Bless Cheese Steaks #2 (published in 1987)…



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