Headache (UK) tape (1994)


These are the tracks of ‘Headache’ on this split-tape with ‘Recusant


‘Headache’ was an eclectic combo of European crusties who lived at the 120 Rats (One Twenty Rats) squat in Leeds. I remember ‘Titi’ (guitar; also in ‘Love, Chips and Peace’ – NOT the drummer of the French band ‘Alcatraz’) and Max ‘Of Tomorrow’ (who was in the Canadian band ‘Shitfit’); and there was also John, Birdy (drums), Ratus, Barb, Sue & Sissou a.k.a. Sisoux Sioux (“the invisible member”). Their music was crazy and quirky jazz-punk-core. Someone once wrote they were “the bastard child of ‘NoMeansNo’ & ‘Doom’ going power-violent”… They did this split-tape here with ‘Recusant’ (from Bradford) & a split-7” (Flat Earth recs) with the same band in ’94. Sned & Alec also released the band’s LP in ’97. There’s also a live-tape of their gig @ MKNŽ (Slovenia, 98-01-03). After the turn of the century Max and Titi were in the Swiss experimental noise punk band ‘J’m’en Fous’.

From Tilt! #8: >>They play, at first-hear, chaotic punk based on colliding rhythms (influences of ‘Dog Face Hermans’, ‘Archbishop Kebab’, etc.) but incorporate thriving and faster pieces in their songs, and the vocals (mixed) are harsher than ‘Recusant’.<<

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  1. Seth [Bennett] (‘Baby Harp Seal’, ‘Solanki’, etc.) was in ‘Headache’ on bass for years – I’d say he was the longest serving bassist in the band.


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