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Oi Polloi (UK) live (Antwerp, Bel, 88-07-03)



Go Green / Thugs In Uniform / Leaders / Resist The Atomic Menace / Death By Night / Pigs For Slaughter / Secret Servants / Outrage / Punks Picnic

These recordings were made July 3rd 1988 at 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp (a gig with local bands ‘Comrade’ & ‘Vais’). The tracks ended up on a split-tape with ‘Comrade’, released by Stephen Parsons’ (R.I.P.) B.B.P. Records And Cassettes. Thanks to Koen ‘Siesiele’ Lammens for providing them!

The songs were from the Outrage 7″ (Words Of Warning, ’88) and some others (Death By Night was supposed to be on Nabate’s Exclusion compilation-LP.)… At that time the band consisted of Deek Allan (vocals), Dave Osborne (bass), ‘Arf’ Arthur Dalrymple (guitar) & Gavin Robertson (drums). It was the first time ‘Oi Polloi’ crossed The Channel: the day before they’d played the coastal town of Bredene…

Early stuff of the band: Destroi The System!; demo (83)

photo by Serge Harvent pics (@ Bredene, 88-07-02)

Transgression (USA) demos (1987)


Another tape from Steven Stel R.’s collection… It contains 2 demos: one entitled Better Days, the other untitled.

‘Transgression’ was a HC/thrash band from Indianapolis. On these demos the line-up was: Bob Cripe (guitar; later Dino Codalata), Doug Ketchem (bass), John Zeps (guitar/vocals), Matt Van Kersen (drums) & Paul Linhart (vocals; R.I.P.). The tracks on the Better Days demo and some of the first also made it to onto the Cold War LP that Shane Dabinett released on his label Manic Ears recs (’88). The year after they had a split-7″ out with ‘Apocalypse’ (from California) on Desperate Attempt recs.


untitled demo:

Check / Working Class Dick / Killing You / Hostile Environment / Holocaust / Busted Up /// Mass Hysteria / My Madness / Go To Hell / We’ve Got To Fight / Open Casket / Death To All


Better Days:

Head In The Smoke / Better Days / Go To Hell /// Think For Yourself / We’ve Got To Fight / Final Conflict + some extras

I was quite into American speed-metal acts such as ‘Septic Death’, ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and early ‘D.R.I.’. ‘Transgression’ provided that outlet of extreme speed-metal and hardcore. They played extremely fast metal hardcore with attitude. Cold War was a killer album with some fast and furious music. Totally extreme.

Shane Dabinett (on his website)

>>Sisterhood<< (various) anti-sexism compilation (1995)


My mate ‘Uge’ (Eugenio) of Don’t Belong (Gijon, Spain) compiled a bunch of songs that talk about women’s issues, feminism, patriarchy, gender-roles. The tracks are from various HC/punk bands that have/had decent things to say about this. The tape is delivered with a beautiful booklet containing the lyrics and the interview with women in the HC-scene published in Tilt #8 (both translated in Spanish).

Side ASide B

Born Against (New York, USA): Mary & Child (Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children LP; Vermiform)

Infest (Valencia, California, USA): Machismo (Slave LP; Off The Disk recs)

Ripcord (Weston-super-Mare, UK): Passer By (Poetic Justice LP; Raging recs)

Hellnation (Covington, Kentucky, USA): Women (Colonized LP; Sound Pollution recs)

Health Hazard (Bradford, UK): What Are You Going To do? (Don’t Think With Your Dick… ‎split-tape with ‘Hiatus’)

Sedition (Glasgow, UK): Sex Biased Roles (Earthbeat LP; Flat Earth recs)

Disaffect (Glasgow, UK): Chained To Morality (Chained To Morality LP; Nabate recs)

Aural Corpse (Middlesbrough, UK): Delusion Of Masculine Supremacy (split-LP with ‘Mortal Terror’; Loony Tunes recs)

Mortal Terror (Newcastle, UK): Conditioned To Accept (split-LP with ‘Aural Corpse’; Loony Tunes recs)

Doom (Birmingham, UK): Soundtrack To A Brawl (Pro-Life Control / Tear Silence To Pieces split-LP with ‘Selfish’; Ecocentric recs)

Corpus Christi (Oostrozebeke, Bel): Dickhead (Ecologische Doem split-7″ with ‘Força Macabra’; Genet recs)

Media Children (Costa Mesa, California, USA): Tunnelvision (But Still They Ignore… 7″, Mass Media recs)

Vex (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA): Eyes Open Wide (Not Just Lip Service compilation 7″; Mass Media recs)

Kitchener (Manchester, UK): Right To Choose (The Price Of Progression 7″; Flat Earth recs)

Active Minds (Scarborough, UK): Not Your Property (The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum 7″; Loony Tunes recs)

Acme (Bremen, Ger): Ordinary (The Demo 7″; Machination recs)

Oi Polloi (Edinburgh, UK): When Two Men Kiss (self-titled 7″; Nikt Nic Nie Wie)

Totalitär (Hudiksvall, Swe): Ynkryggar (Luftslott EP; Loony Tunes recs)

One By One (Newcastle, UK): Male Voice Choir (self-titled LP; Words Of Warning)

Embittered (Middlesbrough, UK): In Case Of Opposition (Blind Justice For All / From The Outside Looking In split-7″ with ‘Hiatus’; Desperate Attempt recs)

Huasipungo (New York, USA): Tacones Altos (Nunca Nada Cambia… split-7″ with ‘Los Crudos’; Discos Sanjuancito)

Sea Shepherd (Orléans, Fra): What About Love (Invisible 7″; Left Wing recs)

Peace Of Mind (Göttingen, Ger): Agnes (Competition EP; Melmac recs)

Subway Arts (Esch-sur-Alzette, Lux): Be A Threat (Una Definizione Perversa Della Pace LP; Genet recs)

Hypocritical Society (Hannover, Ger): Soulcut (Failed & Loyal LP; Equality recs)

Hiatus (Liège, Bel): Don’t Think With Your Dick (From Resignation… LP; Sound Pollution recs)

Mushroom Attack (Groningen, Hol): Campaign For Non Violent Silly Dancing (split-LP with ‘Forgotten Prophecy’; Loony Tunes recs)

Stack (Ludwigshafen, Ger): Natural (self-titled demo-tape)

1 / MARY AND CHILD (‘Born Against’): Once again the battlefield is your body and those who want control have laid down everything in black & white. And red all over, they keep the backstreet butchers in business as advertised from a bullhorn and the all-knowing man has set up his make-believe graveyard with tiny white crosses for millions of make-believe souls. Someday I’ld like to see a cross set up for a real live human being who bled to death to maintain the sanctity of Mary, Mary and child. Bigots who couldn’t care less about about human life, Obey their self-righteous lies while your sisters and daughters die, all decisions are final, your body’s forbidden.

2 / MACHISMO (‘Infest’): It’s hard to explain the way I feel. Can’t jeopardize my macho sex-appeal. Immune to all feeling, I just don’t understand. Must be cold and shallow, a real macho man. Time to think. This attitude stinks. Warm human feelings must be kept inside. Machismo is at stake, just think if you cried. Tell people how you feel, they might think you’re screwed. Tell me where to shove their bullshit attitude. Macho bullshit attitude! Macho bullshit attitude.

3 / PASSER BY (‘Ripcord’): What must be going through his twisted mind, as he sneaks up on the victim from behind, pushes her to the floor to viciously rape, what sort of mind must that take? And what happens of the person passing, who in the distance can hear a cry, but doesn’t want to get involved – so he doesn’t react, so the bastard stays free to launch another attack. He gets home to find, his daughter has been gone half of the night, my god she was due back at half-past eight, she could’ve been murdered or she…could’ve been raped!

4 / WOMEN (‘Hellnation’): No one has suffered more from the violent arrogant, male macho culture like the degradation of women. Brutalization. Dehumanization. Our society teaches children and women: don’t question a false feminine dependence on men. Brutalization. Dehumanization. We’ve got to find a way to stop the oppression and destroy the sexism and exploitation of women.

5 / WHAT YOU GOING TO DO…? (‘Health Hazard’): It starts way back, when all I wanted was to have some fun, and not live in the shadow of the future, but it’s alway brought back to you – the fear of living without security. I hear the same question over and over again: “What you going to do with your life?”. I’ll not get a job because of pressure put upon me, I’ll feel no guilt owing to this country, I’ll not reproduce for fear of being lonely, I want to discover how to live my life for me. But I hear the same question…

6 / SEX BIASED ROLES (‘Sedition’): Men knew they could never bear children, but they could try and stop us from doing anything else. A short history lesson reminds us of the truth, some simple examples supply us with the proof. Male domination thrust to its length but once we were equal in stature and strength. Among Couvade custom people, women give birth with relative ease, while their husbands writhe around, howling and grinding teeth. Among twelfth century Irish people, despite what we’ve been thaught, most females pissed standing up, while most males would squat. The patriarchal structures in order to control have placed the female in a thighly defined role. Aggressive emotions are exclusively male so our anger’s unfeminine and their dominance prevails. A lady is passive without confidence, so our voice is silent in for democracy’s defence. The ultimate goal in a real woman’s life – find a man, bear his children, be the perfect wife. But the male god forbid if your genetic memory speaks. Feminist, lesbian, macho, freak. Woman  own and build the home among the tribes of the hunter-gatherers and legend tells of women training the greatest Celtic warriors. The Picts, Gauls and Teutonic tribes all had warrior queens and Roman invaders were more filled with fear when female warriors were seen. Violence and aggression are not exclusive male qualities, this “natural” behaviour was imposed by authority. Be impassive, dominant – show no emotion. A surefire way to earn female devotion. I’m acceptably promiscuous, assertive and arrogant. I’ll forgive your infidelities after all, you pay the rent. I’m forbidden to be maternal, gentle, caring or kind. Bottle up your tensions, start a fight to unwind and society will sneer if your genetic memory speaks. Faggot, Wimp, Hen-Pecked, Freak. In neanderthal skeletons it’s impossible to determine sex by size or weight. In Sparta a woman’s wedding included a wrestling match with her mate. I man’s constant need to dominate, he sees woman as a threat, so imposes stereotypes of women in the role of “weaker sex”.

7 / CHAINED TO MORALITY (‘Disaffect’): Discriminated against because of my sex, persecuted because of my sexual preference, someone else’s morality enforced on me, and you yet still you say that we are free. The right to live my life is being denied me, your homophobic views alienate me, you say that I’m a threat to your society, it’s my choice – yet still you oppress me. Your morality is our prison, your hatred of anythinh different, causes fear and division, bringing violence on their heads, rather trying to understand, you pass laws and demand, that single mothers are the cause of the troubles in this land. Your…morality…is our…prison! Religion is the rule that’s inforced in our schools, and if you disagree that you’re breaking the law, you’re not allowed to think or question anything you’re told, of someone who died over two thousand years ago. The fear that you have has made you a slave, fear of everything different you label strange, the chains of your morality hold you fast, your vision is narrowed, will your hatred ever pass?

8 / DELUSION OF MASCULINE SUPREMACY (‘Aural Corpse’): Terror lurks at night, in subways, streets and parks, a woman walks in fear, fear of the dark. Rushed into hospital, sedated and depressed, physically abused, mentally scarred for life. Society’s sick stereotype of a pornographic paradise, page three meat, a voyeurs’ delight. Enacting lurid fiction, from books and on screen, too mindless to awaken, from the eternal wet dream.

9 / CONDITIONED TO ACCEPT (‘Mortal Terror’): You’re forcefed with bullshit from the moment of birth. Acceptance, submission, is that all you’re worth? The boys play at soldiers, the girls do the chores, not realising yet that the future is yours… The brainwash continues when you’re sent to school, with uniforms, bigotry, religion and rules, got to learn discipline, got to obey, just like we do and you’ll be OK will be… Now war, death and hunger’s an everyday fact, but you’ll be alright ‘cause you know how to act, you don’t need your brain now, your thinking’s been done; and your children won’t realise their nightmare’s begun.

10 / SOUNDTRACK TO A BRAWL (‘Doom’): Girls and boys come out to play, an atmosphere of fun today, some macho asshole ruins it all, trampled body when you fall. Music played, a dance for all, not a soundtrack to a brawl. Dance of movement not of muscle, free for all, no macho hassle, watch for the stupid when they’re pissed, assholes dancing with their fists.

11 / DICKHEAD (‘Corpus Christi’): Women are so nice and sexy, tits and pussy is all you see. At school they teach you to be nice but at work you pay the price. They say you’re a fucking queer, instead you must act like a potent steer. So you’ve got a dick instead of brains, you should wear a rubber over your face.

12 / TUNNELVISION (‘Media Children’): Television influences everyone from birth by telling us how real people should act. Real men are violent and control everything always. Real women are sexy, slim and sweet. Chaos and destruction all the time on TV, brainwashed kids with brave war-heroes. TV shows war as something fun, like a game, but when a war comes it will not be like that. The war is not like the TV-circus, the people who are together die. The movie-actors / -actresses shouldn’t be seen as heroes. They act for money. Children changing channels to see more violence and recreate it in their real life. They learn all about crimes on TV and then they become future rapists and criminals. That’s right how some people can laugh and be famous for being pretty TV -actors / -actresses, while movies teach us to hate and kill. In almost every show there is brutality.

13 / EYES OPEN WIDE (‘Vex’): Damned, feeling empty inside. Hate, don’t know where to hide. Pain, his penetration inside. Guilt, but my body is mine and I can’t let it all go, or forget when I walk down the street at night. The powerlessness I feel when I cringe at every man inside. In fear of him approaching me to use the beauty of love, to hate (rape) me. My heart is beating, my eyes open wide. I wish I could explain the pain inside. I want to smash everything in sight. Women! Take back the night! I’m sitting alone in a dark room. I think I’m afraid to leave, when every TV-show or magazine shows symbols of my grief. I wonder in pain: do they know what they’re saying when they portray me a human being, a woman as fuckable piece of meat. Makes me want to smash everything in sight that reminds of control by men. If only more women would take up the fight and try to be free again.

14 / RIGHT TO CHOOSE (‘Kitchener’): Wouldn’t it be nice… If people only got pregnant when they to? To have it all under control. Then there wouldn’t be a need for abortion. Well wellcome to the real world and things look a lot different. No-one should have the right to dictate to a woman what she should do with her body, or for the rest of her fucking life. Do you think by illegalising abortions that abortions are going to stop? (Just take a look back and you’ll know the answer.) We need free state abortions that are safe and hygienic (without apology). Not a return to unsafe and fatal backstreet abortions.

15 / NOT YOUR PROPERTY (‘Active Minds’): You think you’re so radical but you’re still bound to old values. It’s easy to see that it’s just a way of acting and you really think that it’s a mens’ world. Women are not your property to use and abuse them as you please. Don’t try to tell me that I am wrong – it’s easy to see through you. From the way you talk I can tell you think you’re superior. You complain about sexism but you still call women “chicks, birds” as if they were just a replaceable piece of shit that can be bought in the supermarket. You think you own women – that they mainly exist to follow you and promote your ego. You’re just another sexist shit. “The woman’s place is at home.” is what people often say. You may try to disguise it but I can tell you that you think that way. […]

16 / ORDINARY (‘Acme’): The room is dark and impressive, her mouth will always be shut, she suffers day after day of things that he “did in love”. In love he beats her up, in love he rapes her. Time will never heal the wounds he does “in love”. Love? Pain! The pain remains, a man is born to rule, a woman born to accept. Society makes the rules we accept. Accept and shut our eyes.

17 / WHEN TWO MEN KISS (‘Oi Polloi’): When two men kiss, walk hand in hand, the fear of what you don’t understand, explodes into violence. Screams break the silence. “The guy was a poof.” “The guy was queer.” Dehumanised and living in fear. No you’re not thick. And you say they’re sick. But the only madness I can see, is the cancer of your bigotry. What kind of society do we live in, where the simple act of showing love and affection towards another human being, results in this sickening murderous violence? Intolerance, bigotry and hate. I say i’ts time to stop. From nazi boneheads to ‘Bad Brains’. Warped attitudes that we must change. […]

18 / YNKRYGGAR (COWARDS) (‘Totalitär’): How come you get so upset, pale and mad, when you hear about men who’re walking hand in hand? Is it your truly contempt for sex between two males or could it be possible that the unknown brings you fear? What you try to call ‘hate’ is only the fear of your conformist mind and your stupid moral standards about who’s ‘a real man’. Your cowardness is so disgusting that it barely can be described in words. Don’t think that you got double standards when two lesbians turn you on and when you without doubts ram your cock in an unknown cunt? You who think sex without love is OK: how can you judge what others feel for each other? The choice is yours. Men seldom rape each other. If you’re not gay then what gives you the right to blame? The absolutely worst thing you can ever think of is your friends ever would suspect that you’re a fag. So your defence before someone’s even attacked you, is to make yourself ‘clean’ by saying how much you hate gays. It’s so fucking simple to slag small minorities when you know that you’re backed up by prejudices. Your cowardness is so fucking disgusting that it makes me wanna puke!!!

19 / MALE VOICE CHOIR (‘One By One’): Hear who’s talking – another white man, setting the agenda and telling you my plan, stuffing the room with my words. An equal opportunity? You call this fucking unity? Look who has to shout to be heard, what sort of revolution feeds this institution, shouting deaf to our fears. Competing not conversing, not advancing but reversing, you’ll not be heard above the male voice choir, (shut up and listen to male voice choir. ) Building power structures out of the simplest of sentences, got to get my point across, maybe you disagree but our words support the enemy, just look who they keep at the top. The words are dealt out cleverly like money, power and poverty, keeps our ideas awkward and weak so the confidence is lacking in badly biased arguments when you finally get a chance to speak. You think this isn’t racist and sexist? Just look who’s talking.

20 / IN CASE OF OPPOSITION (‘Embittered’): Silver screen offering pictures of seduction, glittering starlet of fondled creation, extends the virtue of male banality with their lips full pouting insecurity. Golden images portrayed and made deceptive shadows of leech, uphold the illusions induced through media, create the horrific with bodies and souls, traded for capital. Dots converge, then make the picture, products to sell. So who’s the bidder? Waste the gender, exploit the form, collaborate together and destroy the norm. Blitz the screen, smash the product, female form starved of respect, a return of their virgin boundary. No roles of used archaic property.

21 / TACONES ALTOS (HIGH HEELS) (‘Huasipungo’): How much nail polish have you used? Your red cheeks will leave them dead in their tracks. The mirror and max-factor, your best friends. And of course high heels! And who are you? And who do you want to be? Surgeries, silicon, fake appearances, lies. Just be who you are. You are great and don’t need those high heels. (Fake) big breasts, red lips. You’re nothing but a mannequin, how much clothes do you need to be yourself?

22 / WHAT ABOUT LOVE? (‘Sea Shepherd’): There’s something I’ld like to understand, ‘cause it seems to me that people are trying to lessen women’s rights. We think that abortion isn’t a crime, the real crime is to let a baby growing in fucking poverty. Why create another baby? When you know for a fact it won’t be loved. A woman isn’t a fucking toy. Smash this fascist attitude and try to understand that all superiority is only bullshit, moralist, so sexist, uniform, is not my choice. It’s time to realise, time to take a stand against those pathetic shitheads. Polluted minds.

23 / AGNES (‘Peace Of Mind’): She lives in a world of prejudice and doesn’t know to fit in. She dresses the way she wants, has to act in a certain way to fit in, to at least be seen as she as what she sees herself: just a female human being. To make others not see what they think is necessary to see. She lives in a world of prescribed sexuality, forced to fit in, forced to adapt a category that wasn’t made for her. Just because everyone thought they knew what will she will be. Fuck your ideology. Some day she realised that she can make a change, so she dressed up, she acted up, she behanved in a certain way. And now people realised what she really is. Just because her looks did change, she has to act so feminine to be accepted. We live in a world of prescribed sexuality.

24 / BE A THREAT (‘Subway Arts’): Every minute sisters get beaten and raped. Male domination – we’re facing it each day. In movies, magazines, on the newspaper’s frontpage. The real equality is still far away. Sisters of all land, come together and be a threat. Show the world your power, blow this patriarchal world away. And when all those assholes are laughing at you, they just can’t accept the truth. Don’t give up and try to keep the faith. Sisters rise now or it might be too late.

25 / SOULCUT (‘Hypocritical Society’): As if they wanted their soul inside out, a tearing and ripping at her not superior exterior, pushes herself into deep selfdoubt. All nice skirts on the screen and the nice shaped queens seem to show them the way of a male expectation and this non-violent violation. And she will never be healed from the wounds they drive into her soul.

26 / DON’T THINK WITH YOUR DICK (‘Hiatus’): Don’t think with your dick macho bastard. You’re just blinded by another stupid stereotype of society. You aren’t worth more than your wife. Stop that sexism and leave her to live her life. You’re too proud of your big arms to realize that you’re wrong in your mind. “Superman”? – Bastard. Don’t think with your dick. Be equal or bugger off. No discrimination! Accept differences of everyone. Everyone’s free to do what (s)he wants. Looking like that usual strong man has nothing to do with a higher grade.

27 / CAMPAIGN FOR NON VIOLENT SILLY DANCING (‘Mushroom Attack’): Campaign for a non-violent silly dancing. Why does fast music always bring aggression an violence? why do you keep acting like big tough boys? Showing your muscles is only way you’re in. Where’s the fun to push people around? And to kick individuals down to the ground? Campaign for a non-violent silly dancing. We believe that everyone should have a chance to enjoy one’s self dancing without being hurt. Female and male small ones and big ones, ugly ones and smellin’ ones. Campaign for a non-violent silly dancing. We believe that everyone could have a chance to enjoy one’s self dancing without being hurt. Think, steep this way, use your personality. It could be better fun dancing all together.

28 / NATURAL (‘Stack’): With studies to supply scientific proof (natural in the purest sense) that homosexuality is genetically pre-determined, scientists unintentionally helped to pave the way to the transparent humyn being, I will never accept your definition of what’s natural and what’s not ‘cause it has never been a matter of natural or not. Screening-tests to localize the “unnatural” end up implying that homosexuality is a disease. It would never make a difference to those concerned, if they could just live their lives the way they please. Unreasonable people in constant fear of differing sexual orientation. Natural.

Translation => All Men Are Created Equal (from the booklet of the ‘Cringer’/ ‘Hopeful Monsters’ split-EP)

Jump For Joy (Ger) live (Winterswijk, Hol, 88-08-27)



These live recordings (at Chi Chi Club) were released as a split-tape (together with ‘Cry Of Terror’) by Nardo Ahlte, who helped organise concerts there in Winterswijk and was a bit ‘C.O.T.’s ‘manager’…

The members of the band (from Recklinghausen, in the German Ruhrpott-area) were: Dirk Pleyer (vocals), Helge Schellbach (guitar), Christoph Grunwald (drums) & Andy Schier (bass). ‘J.F.J.’ existed between late 1985 and 1989.

Some of the songs also appeared on the band’s only (self-titled) 7″ (released by the Bochumer label Remedy recs, run by Jens Puchalla, in 1989). They have also some tracks on compilations (e.g. the 1986 Trust sampler & How Will You Know What This Record Sounds Like If You Don’t Listen To It LP). Their music was labeled as U.S.-oriented hardcore/punk.


We were mainly motivated by boredom (we were 16/17 years old). None of us could play an instrument so we just got started; we were technically real bad I think but eager to vent our anger and frustration. 2 members had made tape-samplers before we started the band; we had a lot of contacts throughout the world and we distributed the tapes mainly at concerts in our area. There was a classic punk-rock/drop-out scene where we lived and met/hung out during the mid/late 80s. Nearby in an even smaller town called Marl there was the really first skatepunk-scene in Germany (started in late 1981) and we were connected with that. There were bands like ‘Sons Of Sadism’ and ‘Straight Jackets’, later ‘Unwanted Youth’ and  ‘Warshington’. All very lively. In the late 70s there was also a band called ‘Hass’ in our town: they still play gigs.

The D.I.Y. thing suited us (especially me who was doing our artwork [Dirk’s a graphic artist and designer]) because we didn’t have rich parents and it was cool to be responsible for your own stuff. I loved the copy-shop (although the people there were not amused with this little freak cutting his sheets of paper there)…

The band did about 50-100 gigs in Germany/ The Netherlands. We were some of the youngest active kids doing our thing and had a quite big following on concerts which led sometimes to trouble and broken toilets, etc.

From the 90s on I was more interested in the 60s garage sound and formed another band with our former drummer. That lasted for 2 years and then we split. Our former guitar-player got into this thrash-metal thing and still plays that kind of music. I’m doin’ some songwriting (chek it out on soundcloud) as a hobby to relax from painting etc.

Here’s some studio-recordings (Hattingen,1987 or 1988): Into Daylight, Let Me Feed You, Nightmare.

Dirk Pleyer

photos courtesy of Dirk Pleyer

Comrade (Bel) live (Antwerp, Bel, 88-07-03)


“This is dedicated to all anti-nazi skinheads everywhere!”


(soundcheck) / City Troops / (Why Do They Always Get) The Blame / Work Together (cover of ‘The Oppressed’) / Typical Skin / Skins’n’Punks / Come On Palestinians / Skating / How Many Children Must There Be / Coward / You’re All Gonna Die / Shoot Right

These recordings were made July 3rd 1988 at the 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp (nót July 2nd 1988 where the band played at Cruysduyne (a parish-hall) in the Belgian coastal town Bredene with other Belgian bands ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Dirty Scums’ and probably ‘C.P.D.’; plus the French ‘Scraps’ and the Scottish ‘Oi Polloi’). In Antwerp ‘Comrade’ and other ‘local’ bands ‘Vais’ & ‘Belgian Associlaty’ supported ‘Oi Polloi’. The tracks ended up on a split-tape with ‘Oi Polloi’, released by Stephen Parsons (R.I.P.) on his B.B.P. Records And Cassettes. Thanks to Koen ‘Siesiele’ Lammens for providing (most of) them!

‘Comrade’ was an (anti-fascist/ani-racist) oi!/ redskin/ ska-core band from Antwerp, with (at the time) Joost Vantomme (guitar), Joris (drums), ‘Bib’ (bass) & Klaas Vantomme (vocals). They were around from the late 80s to half-way the 90s and did a demo (1990) & a 7″ What About the Children (on Mad Butcher recs, 1995). They were influenced by ‘The Oppressed’, early ‘Oi Polloi’ and ‘The Blaggers’.


The band originated in 1986 during a ‘Conflict’ concert in Antwerp. We could do better than what we saw on stage, we thought 😉 . We were skins who wanted to play oi!. That gave a bad after-taste in the Antwerp punk-scene. We were going to show that those kind of prejudices were bullshit. The politically correct thinking was damping freedom, also back then. People wanted to put us in a corner; for the Antwerp punk-scene skinheads were nazis and racists. ‘Comrade’ wanted to show that skinheads had nothing to do with fascism. We were never a political band but only because of our militant anti-racism (words & action), we were easily labeled as leftist. Our name did(n’t) help to that matter, for sure, haha. We played until 1992 all over Europe. Because of our self-willed choices we didn’t really fit in a certain current, group or movement. We’ve always chosen our own path. We never forgot our roots: skinhead & oi!. Nostalgia isn’t our thing but we will show the newer generation what us oldies still have to say and do what they think. In 2021 we’ll be on stage a couple of times, playing festivals in Germany. Our first mini-LP will also be released (Mad Butcher recs), together with a compilation of demos and live recordings.

Klaas Vantomme

pics (@ Bredene, 88-07-02) by Serge Harvent