Jump For Joy (Ger) live (Winterswijk, Hol, 88-08-27)



These live recordings (at Chi Chi Club) were released as a split-tape (together with ‘Cry Of Terror’) by Nardo Ahlte, who helped organise concerts there in Winterswijk and was a bit ‘C.O.T.’s ‘manager’…

The members of the band (from Recklinghausen, in the German Ruhrpott-area) were: Dirk Pleyer (vocals), Helge Schellbach (guitar), Christoph Grunwald (drums) & Andy Schier (bass). ‘J.F.J.’ existed between late 1985 and 1989.

Some of the songs also appeared on the band’s only (self-titled) 7″ (released by the Bochumer label Remedy recs, run by Jens Puchalla, in 1989). They have also some tracks on compilations (e.g. the 1986 Trust sampler & How Will You Know What This Record Sounds Like If You Don’t Listen To It LP). Their music was labeled as U.S.-oriented hardcore/punk.


We were mainly motivated by boredom (we were 16/17 years old). None of us could play an instrument so we just got started; we were technically real bad I think but eager to vent our anger and frustration. 2 members had made tape-samplers before we started the band; we had a lot of contacts throughout the world and we distributed the tapes mainly at concerts in our area. There was a classic punk-rock/drop-out scene where we lived and met/hung out during the mid/late 80s. Nearby in an even smaller town called Marl there was the really first skatepunk-scene in Germany (started in late 1981) and we were connected with that. There were bands like ‘Sons Of Sadism’ and ‘Straight Jackets’, later ‘Unwanted Youth’ and  ‘Warshington’. All very lively. In the late 70s there was also a band called ‘Hass’ in our town: they still play gigs.

The D.I.Y. thing suited us (especially me who was doing our artwork [Dirk’s a graphic artist and designer]) because we didn’t have rich parents and it was cool to be responsible for your own stuff. I loved the copy-shop (although the people there were not amused with this little freak cutting his sheets of paper there)…

The band did about 50-100 gigs in Germany/ The Netherlands. We were some of the youngest active kids doing our thing and had a quite big following on concerts which led sometimes to trouble and broken toilets, etc.

From the 90s on I was more interested in the 60s garage sound and formed another band with our former drummer. That lasted for 2 years and then we split. Our former guitar-player got into this thrash-metal thing and still plays that kind of music. I’m doin’ some songwriting (chek it out on soundcloud) as a hobby to relax from painting etc.

Here’s some studio-recordings (Hattingen,1987 or 1988): Into Daylight, Let Me Feed You, Nightmare.

Dirk Pleyer

photos courtesy of Dirk Pleyer

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