Transgression (USA) demos (1987)


Another tape from Steven Stel R.’s collection… It contains 2 demos: one entitled Better Days, the other untitled.

‘Transgression’ was a HC/thrash band from Indianapolis. On these demos the line-up was: Bob Cripe (guitar; later Dino Codalata), Doug Ketchem (bass), John Zeps (guitar/vocals), Matt Van Kersen (drums) & Paul Linhart (vocals; R.I.P.). The tracks on the Better Days demo and some of the first also made it to onto the Cold War LP that Shane Dabinett released on his label Manic Ears recs (’88). The year after they had a split-7″ out with ‘Apocalypse’ (from California) on Desperate Attempt recs.


untitled demo:

Check / Working Class Dick / Killing You / Hostile Environment / Holocaust / Busted Up /// Mass Hysteria / My Madness / Go To Hell / We’ve Got To Fight / Open Casket / Death To All


Better Days:

Head In The Smoke / Better Days / Go To Hell /// Think For Yourself / We’ve Got To Fight / Final Conflict + some extras

I was quite into American speed-metal acts such as ‘Septic Death’, ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and early ‘D.R.I.’. ‘Transgression’ provided that outlet of extreme speed-metal and hardcore. They played extremely fast metal hardcore with attitude. Cold War was a killer album with some fast and furious music. Totally extreme.

Shane Dabinett (on his website)

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