Oi Polloi (UK) live (Antwerp, Bel, 88-07-03)



Go Green / Thugs In Uniform / Leaders / Resist The Atomic Menace / Death By Night / Pigs For Slaughter / Secret Servants / Outrage / Punks Picnic

These recordings were made July 3rd 1988 at 1000 Appeltjes in Antwerp (a gig with local bands ‘Comrade’ & ‘Vais’). The tracks ended up on a split-tape with ‘Comrade’, released by Stephen Parsons’ (R.I.P.) B.B.P. Records And Cassettes. Thanks to Koen ‘Siesiele’ Lammens for providing them!

The songs were from the Outrage 7″ (Words Of Warning, ’88) and some others (Death By Night was supposed to be on Nabate’s Exclusion compilation-LP.)… At that time the band consisted of Deek Allan (vocals), Dave Osborne (bass), ‘Arf’ Arthur Dalrymple (guitar) & Gavin Robertson (drums). It was the first time ‘Oi Polloi’ crossed The Channel: the day before they’d played the coastal town of Bredene…

Early stuff of the band: Destroi The System!; demo (83)

photo by Serge Harvent pics (@ Bredene, 88-07-02)

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