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Dirge (USA) demo & tape (1986&87)


1986 demo: Screwed To Death / Resurrection / Negative Sanctions / Threat Of Power / Zeitgeist / Too Much To Ask For / Aggression / Self-Destruction

1987 tape: T.V. Desensitization / Superficial / Silent Scream / Predictions / Disillusion / Corrupted / Small Scene / Psycho Religion

This is nót the anarcho-punk band from Leicester (UK) but the HC outfit from Holmdel, New Jersey (USA) with ‘Jacko’ Jack Monahan (vocals), Eric Tucker (guitar), Jim Hogan (bass; started Heat Blast recs) & Dan(iel) Gollin (drums). They played fast, thrashy HC.

Steven ‘Stel’ R. contributed 2 tapes: an 8-track demo (1986) & the Lifeforce tape (1987).

In ’89 Jim released their Matrix 7″ on his label. They also did an album (including some songs of the tapes) for Anthrax recs. In 1990 Old World recs (from Peine, Germany) released a 7″ entitled Fleshcrawler.

‘Jacko’ booked bands and was doorman in a few clubs. He also did poetry-shows and authoured a book with a collection of poems (One-Legged Poetry: Tragedy, Politics & A Sea Monster; he lost a leg because of flesh-eating bacteria)…


review in Metallised #10

I played on the first demo and then Brandon Thomas joined for about a year until he quit. They put one demo and a live set from CBGB out with him before asking me to join indefinitely. I was on the vinyl releases.

The Lifeforce demo is actually with Brandon Thomas on drums. The fact that my name is mentioned, is probably because by the time that copy of the demo was sent out; I was back in the band and Brandon was in ‘Ripping Corpse’. He was in the band briefly but he completely changed the drumming, and I had to seriously step it up when I came back. That’s why the first demo sounds almost like a punk-rock band and the second is more like a crossover hardcore/metal sound. I had never touched a double-bass set-up really, except in experiments in my basement before Brandon came along and then left me a massive job to do when he left (and rightly so – ‘Ripping Corpse’ are legendary around the NJ metal scene, largely due to Brandon). I became a double-kick player 100% because of him at that point.

Eric and myself were in ‘Fanous Cheezcake‘ before, together with Dave Madsen & ‘Krshna’ Maynard Krebs who became the singer and guitarist of ‘Crucial Youth’. There’s some ‘Crucial Death’ songs on the www – Eric would have been on it but he wasn’t available when we put it together with the ‘Crucial Youth’ guys… The other members of FCC did CY as a little goofy side-project; we all helped with back-up “crew” vocals on the first two songs, and Eric and I wrote and recorded the music for the songs Posi-Machine and Be Kind Rewind (in a total of 5 minutes) for the United Way demo. Just before CY ended we recorded a split-LP that was supposed to be called ‘Crucial Youth’ vs. ‘Crucial Death’ but it never got released. My brother subbed in for Eric on guitar for ‘Crucial Death’ but the singer was the same for both and the bassist was ‘Krishna’.

Dan Gollin

>>Badgers Protection tape<< (various) compilation (1988)



[intro (in Dutch) on animal-rights activism] * Suicidal Driving / Fascist Skins (‘Repulsives’) * Fifty Bucks / Big Brother (‘Depression’) * Blue / Finger In A Throat (‘The Grabbits’) * Seeing Better Now / Big Depression (‘Jaywalker’) * All The Faceless People / The Desert (‘The Gentry’)


[De Russische Bewolking; slip of the tongue by a (Dutch) newsreader] * Seeing A Pig / Money (‘Dawn Of Liberty’) *Apathy / Symptom (‘Political Aslylum’) * Run For It / Fit In (‘The Vernon Walters’) * Cowboy Song (‘Deadly Serious’) * Blind Eye (‘Instigators’) * You See Me A Boy, Don’t Think Me A Toy (‘Kaptain Donximan & Inie Irie’) * The Hanging Party / The Deed Is Done (‘Yahoo’)

Compiled by ‘Stany’ (from Bree): Peter Bergmans a.k.a. ‘Pete Borrelnootje’ a.k.a. ‘Stany Blitzmobiel’ was the nephew of ‘Swat’ Steven Schepers (Zelfkrant zine & tapes). He wrote columns (as ‘Gyzmo’) for the zine and also did vocals/drums for the band ‘Emotional Blackmail (later renamed ‘Struggle For Peace’).


Dawn Of Liberty (Neerpelt, Bel): Stefan Joosten (vocals), Stijn Persoons (drums), Luc ‘2Va’ Deckers (bass), Danny ‘Frits’ Brebels (guitar), Danny Vandevelde (guitar)

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): ‘Veld’ Edwin Vande Velde a.k.a. ‘The Big Blaster’ (drums), ‘Swat’ a.k.a. The Mighty PhD’ (vocals/guitar)

Depression (Melbourne, Oz): ‘Liddy’ (bass), ‘Smeer’ Stephen Lazaros (guitar/vocals; also ‘Gash’ drummer), ‘Dakka’ (drums); earlier ‘Spike’ Errol Akyalcin was the singer

Instigators (Huddersfield, UK): Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Somon Mooney (guitar), Steve Curran (drums), Andrew Turnbull (bass)

Jaywalker (Zürich, Swi): ‘Dee Dee’ Dietmar Gallhammer (guitar/vocals), Dominique Mollet (drums), Urs Schwaller (bass), Joke Lanz (vocals/bass; only mentioned on the first tape)

Kaptain Donximan (Aarschot, Bel) & Inie Irie: Erik Vermeulen & Michel Verhoeven [first Belgian soundcrew]

Political Asylum (Stirling, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals), Stephen Brown/Steve Dewar (guitar), Ewan Hunt (bass; R.I.P.), Keith Burns (drums)

Repulsives (Tielt, Bel): Bart ‘Stinky Vanseveren (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Brob Tilt (guitar), Dirk Pattyn (drums), ‘Disorder’ Stefaan Dedeurwaerder/Joeri Arteel (bass)

The Gentry (Wormer, Ned): Andre Berkhout (drums), Hans Postel (vocals), Laurens Vredevoort (guitar), Louis Nagtegaal (bass)

The Grabbits (Hoorn, Ned): Marike Groot (vocals; later ‘The Gathering’), Wieger Janse (guitar), Tet(je) Groot (bass), Rob(by) Pater (drums)

The Vernon Walters (Hoorn, Ned): Hans Engel (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums) – Dim van der Waal: guitar (on first EP only)

Yahoo (Hoorn, Ned): Ahri Tuinman (vocals), Nico van Schagen (guitar; earlier Niels de Wit), Robert Jan ‘R.J.’ van der Woud (bass), Martijn Klaver (drums)


The two songs of the Repulsives on this tape come from the master-tape that should’ve been used for the split-LP [with the Brazilian band ‘Cólera’]. As everyone knows by now, the gentlemen of the ‘Repulsives’ have starved to death or…no, they hung up their guitars because of some disagreements. Brob told us that ‘Stinky’ has since joined a crossover (or should I say a kots [barf] -over) band. These are called ‘Brain Dead’ and that says it all… Nevertheless, I think these two songs here are very strong.


The music that Depression produces is, according to them, a crossover between hardcore-punk and metal. They prefer to call it metal-punk (which has nothing to do with cross-kots-over). And no they’re not ‘brain-dead’: they say the lyrics are very important. Fifty Bucks deals with hard-drug addiction. It’s about the fact that you always have to struggle to get those ‘fifty bucks’, and then inject them in your arm, while that money could be used for much better things. Big Brother tells about how important freedom is. Definitely worth it.


This is music that blows my fuses! That singer is certainly a plus. Her voice is truly enchanting. I’d never heard of them until ‘Yahoo’ sent me a tape and asked if I had some extra space and if I wanted to use to for ‘The Grabbits’. Didn’t doubt for a moment. They also have an EP [Aliens; out on Let’s Make Our Own recs (the label of ‘Vernon Walters’ frontman Hans Engel)] out now; a must-buy…


These songs were sent to ‘Swat’; who thought they deserved a place on this cassette. Well, I also kinda like it. Judging from their interview, this is indeed ‘noise with brains’. According to the band their music is more energetic more.


They also appeared on the Zelfkrant compilation last year. Those songs came from their first LP and now that they put together a new record [Solitary; 1986], I thought: why not include two live songs from ‘The Gentry’? Oh yeah, just let me mention that All The Faceless People is indeed also on the first LP [Fragments Of Truth; 1984]…!


This cassette here contains two songs of an earlier live-tape; nowadays their music is a bit topped with a metal-sauce thanks to the acquisition of second guitarist Danny. Due to a combination of circumstances I was forced to take these somewhat older songs, but don’t worry: these are very strong both musically and lyrically. Regarding vinyl: the gentlemen take part in a compilation-LP [A Vile Peace; 1987] that was released on the English Peaceville label. I also thought they were working on an EP [In Honour And Defense Of Mother Earth. To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us; 1989] ‎or an LP…


These tartan-kilted dancers are well known in the world of compilation-tapes. Because they produce beautiful music with brains, I thought they should be on this tape too. They have some very good tapes that you can order from Ramsey for 1 pound. Their LP [Someday; 1987] is also out. Also a thumbs-up for the traditional, very good recording-quality.


I hope I don’t have to convince you that some great music is being made in Hoorn. I think the foundation of all that is certainly the – much to my regret – recently split-up ‘Indirekt’. ‘The Vernon Walters’ aare also a band like that. It’s difficult to pigeonhole their music; it varies from late seventies punk to… All bolstered with personal flavours and fantasies. The music is completed with ‘biters’ of lyrics.


Here they come then, the ‘rapcore’ god(s) from the of peace and flower smelling city of Helchteren! Rap-rapping-rappest is covered in ripping metal-punk-hardcore-phlegm-spitting guitars (shit now I also begin using those strong words). Well, I guess you’ll know of them. And, by the way, that studio of 500.000 BeF…? ‘Swat’, you shouldn’t exaggerate eh!!!


The tape was a benefit for the Dartmoor Badgers Protection League:

Things Change (Ger) tape (1992)


(A): A Deadly Game / Any Time (new mix) / Think About It (evil mix) / It’s Up To You / Friends

(B): Commercial Underground / Suncity / Daily Immutabilities / Think About It / Any Time

Underestimated band, from Peine/Salzgitter, playing uplifting, melodic HC; with ‘Skib’ Ralf Skiba (guitar; R.I.P.), ‘Stürmer’ (bass), ‘Dyk(k)i’ (drums), Jack (guitar) & ‘Rudy Quirl’ Rüdiger Wöhrle (vocals; ran the label Re core ds). ‘Dyki’ & ‘Skib’ also played in ‘X Woolhead’.

This tape was released by George Fertakis of Boredom (Βαρεμάρα) tapes (Athens). Re core ds (Old World recs) released a 7″ (Sun) containing 4 of these tracks here. The song Any Time was also on the Mathather compilation-flexi (Re core ds, ’90) and A Deadly Game on the Kick It! compilation-LP (Re core ds, ’91).  It’s Up To You was on (Austrian label) Sacro Egoismo’s compilation-7″ No Taste (’91). Friends also appeared on the 7″ compilation Which World! (out on the French label Hollow Dream, ’92). And there were re-mixed versions of Any Time & Think About It on the compilation-LP The Search For The Best 1 (Red Rosetten recs, ’92).

Unfortunately no lyric-sheet…


Three members of ‘Bad Attitude‘ formed ‘Things Change’, without me and the drummer.

Thomas Lenz


Ancalagon (Fra) demo (1989)


(A) Johnny Got His Gun / Graine De Potence – (B) Insane Girl

Thrash-metal band from Paris with ‘Bibiche’ Thierry Septier (vocals; ex ‘Smegmatics‘), Jean Martin (drums), Laurent Ferdinand (guitar) & Stephane Jaquet (bass; later ‘Mass Hysteria’). After this they released 2 tapes with other guitarists (e.g. Tristan Hervo of ‘Wide Open Cage’).

Time Out (Bel) demo (1997)



Progress / Nasty Violence / Life Goes On / Enough Barriers / Mind The Pitfall

Yes, this was the band of which the frontman died while performing on the stage of the Vort’n Vis in Ieper (97-09-19). But it would be doing him, his partner and son, and his friends wrong to remember just that. At the time they were a promising band with good intentions, supportive of the D.I.Y. ethic. That’s also why I gave them the space to represent themselves in my zine… ‘Time Out‘ was an anarcho-punk band from the Ghent area with Dirk Van Alboom (guitar/vocals), Tanja/Tancha Van Kerckhoven (bass/vocals) & Rudy (drums). This tape was recorded during a rehearsal…

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Melodic HC with an anarcho-punk feel. Simple riffs but varied enough to keep your attention. Lyrics about life’s morality and evolution, violence, barriers in the scene, and the religious right. Honest punk.<<