Things Change (Ger) tape (1992)


(A): A Deadly Game / Any Time (new mix) / Think About It (evil mix) / It’s Up To You / Friends

(B): Commercial Underground / Suncity / Daily Immutabilities / Think About It / Any Time

Underestimated band, from Peine/Salzgitter, playing uplifting, melodic HC; with ‘Skib’ Ralf Skiba (guitar; R.I.P.), ‘Stürmer’ (bass), ‘Dyk(k)i’ (drums), Jack (guitar) & ‘Rudy Quirl’ Rüdiger Wöhrle (vocals; ran the label Re core ds). ‘Dyki’ & ‘Skib’ also played in ‘X Woolhead’.

This tape was released by George Fertakis of Boredom (Βαρεμάρα) tapes (Athens). Re core ds (Old World recs) released a 7″ (Sun) containing 4 of these tracks here. The song Any Time was also on the Mathather compilation-flexi (Re core ds, ’90) and A Deadly Game on the Kick It! compilation-LP (Re core ds, ’91).  It’s Up To You was on (Austrian label) Sacro Egoismo’s compilation-7″ No Taste (’91). Friends also appeared on the 7″ compilation Which World! (out on the French label Hollow Dream, ’92). And there were re-mixed versions of Any Time & Think About It on the compilation-LP The Search For The Best 1 (Red Rosetten recs, ’92).

Unfortunately no lyric-sheet…


Three members of ‘Bad Attitude‘ formed ‘Things Change’, without me and the drummer.

Thomas Lenz


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