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Crack Babies (UK) demos (1992 & 93)


(demo 1): Euthinasia / Feels So Good / Mezmorized / Switch On / Gate Crash / Big Mouth / Just Go / Living Proof / You Don’t Say

(demo 2): On Your Marks / Fight / Losing It / Hole In Your Head

Another band from Peterborough. Steven ‘Stel’ R. contributed their untitled first demo. I guess he was introduced to the band through his mate ‘Gizz’ Butt (‘English Dogs’, ‘WarDance’, ‘Sundance’ etc.). The band’s guitarist provided me their second tape (Still Smoking). Line-up was: Ian Tasker (guitar/vocals), Ross ‘Rennie’ Edgar (drums), Simon Lister (vocals) & Steve Cracknell (bass). Straightforward, thrashy hardcore…


‘Crack Babies’ formed in 1991 out of the remnants of their previous thrash band ‘Cruise Ducks‘, which consisted of Ian, Steve & Ross Ed. Tasker wanted to concentrate on just playing guitar and they wanted to sound more hardcore like bands they were into such as ‘Scream’, ‘Bad Brains’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Gang Green’, etc. They scrapped all the old songs from the previous band, brought Simon, a friend of theirs, onto vocals and took of. Tasker and Ross were sharing a house at the time so set their equipment up in the front-room and practised continually writing a batch of new songs much to the annoyance of their neighbours.

From there they gigged locally around the Peterborough region bringing a new energy to their shows with Lister’s boundless style as frontman. They gigged wherever they could supporting bands such as ‘UK Subs’, ‘Oi Polloi’, etc.

They recorded their self-titled 1st demo in March 1992 consisting of 9 songs recorded on a friend’s 4-track, which lead them to doing a couple of gigs on the continent. One in Ghent, Belgium and then playing in Amsterdam with ‘Jawbreaker’. They continued gigging through 1992 and then early 1993 Steve Cracknell left. A friend, Luke Day filled in briefly on bass and the band decided to go into the studio in May to record a 4-track demo (called Still Smoking), where their style was more experimental, away from just hardcore. Luke’s stay was brief, and another friend Stuart West joined on bass.

New Year 1993 was Tasker’s final gig as he’d decided to go travelling. A replacement was found in Lloyd Metselaar and they continued gigging through 1994 until the last gig on August 13th 1994 as Stuart left to concentrate playing with the ‘English Dogs’…

Ian Tasker


Spinners (Tur) Dig The Hole, Forget The Sun; tape (1991)


(A): Overcome / Maggie (You Cunt) (‘The Exploited’ cover) / We’re Punk / Dig The Hole, Forget The Sun

(B): Anticipation / Fuck Acid / Shit In The World / La La La

This tape was sent to me by Sencer Üneri (editor of Punx Pest fanzine) I believe… ‘Spinners’ was an “all girl punk band” from Ankara. Members of the band were Zuhal ‘Suzy’ Keçecioğlu-Üneri (guitar/vocals), Demet (drums) and Vildiz (bass).

As far as I know they didn’t release anything else than this. But they did a song for the ‘Crass’ covers compilation (You’ve Heard It All Before; Ruptured Ambitions, ’93) and they were are also featured on the Turkish HC/punk compilation-7″ (Sevdasız Hayat Ölümdür – “life without love is death”, Underground Turkey) that Lük Haas released (’94) on his label Tian An Men 89. The songs from the tape were also used for a split-CD with ‘The X-Possibles’ (from New York City), released (in 2003) on the Istanbul-based label Attack To Society.

According to the women of ‘Spinners’, their “lyrics were seen as a potential threat since they talked about anarchy, anti-militarism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, child-molestation and animal-rights. They were also connected with many international anarchist organisations, which resulted in them publishing zines in English, not in Turkish.”…

Mission Of Christ (Can) Silence In Grave; tape (1987)


(A) Nocturnal Serenade / To Oblivion / World Of Destruction / Crypts Of Darkness

(B) Skies Of Revelation / Lovelust / Nightmare Beyond

This tape is from the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R.

(review Metallised #9)

‘Mission Of Christ’ was a crossover hardcore/thrash band from Victoria, British Columbia with Kev Smith (guitar; ex ‘Neos’ bassist), ‘Stev’ Stephen McBean (guitar), Randy Long (bass; R.I.P.), John London (drums; R.I.P.) & Mike Synnuck (vocals).

The songs Nocturnal Serenade & Crypts of Darkness were also used for a split-7″ with ‘Fratricide’ (from Vancouver). They did another tape (with guitarist Tolan McNeil replacing Kev) in 1989: recordings that were intended for a deal with Metal Blade recs but that never happened…

Tachyon (Bel) tape (1995)


(A) Dega Dega / Pour Papa / Restlessly Moving On / Civilisation / Rise And Shine / Vanessa Meets Biohazard

(B) Politique Belgique / The Eye Of The Needle / Fucking All The Fuck / Piece Of Shit / Awakening

‘Tachyon’ started in 1994 as a HC band with ska influences. They were from Antwerp: Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums; ex ‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’), Mukti Gabriels (guitar/backing vocals; also in ‘Skatta’), ‘Bie Bak’ Walter De Bie (bass/backing vocals; ex ‘Verdomde Idioten’) and ‘Zap’ Mark Ooms (lead vocals/trombone). In a later stage more horns (trumpet by Gregor Engelen) were added and the ska become more prominent. They released an album entitled Burning Shoes. After the turn of the century Mukti & Gregor formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra’.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Super-energetic straightforward hardcore alternated with dub/ska-bits (backbeat, trombone and all that). Quite technical but very infectious and danceable. Lyrics tell about their discontent with life. These lads seem to have brains (it says ‘Antwerp Antifa Hardcore’ on the lyric-sheet e.g.) […]<<


>>The year is 1993. After ‘Ear Damage’ and ‘Verdomde Idioten’ (“damned idiots”) parted ways, drummer ‘Bie’ and bassist ‘Bie’ decided to start a new band. The two of them worked on songs in the attic of De Feedback, a punk-bar in the North of Antwerp. Mukti was also rehearsing there with ‘Skatta’ & ‘Moss’, and was asked to join as guitar-player. The sound was a melting-pot of all the musician’s backgrounds (mostly very fast hardcore punk) and the latest incarnation or wave of punk in California. That style was more challenging to play, with lots of rhythm-changes and breaks, and a strong sense of melody. It took some time to find a singer but the band found one in Mark, who also played the trombone. The band was eager to incorporate this sound seeing that using that instrument in fast hardcore hadn’t been done before. This also opened the door to playing an occasional ska or reggae song. After a year the self-titled debut was released as a tape. There were a few tours in neighbouring countries but most shows were played in Belgium. Over the following years the band started writing more ska-oriented songs and Gregor took over on vocals while Mark went to full time trombone playing. There are some lost tapes that never got released and around 1999 the band recorded a full CD with the new ska-punk sound, titled Burning Shoes. In the last year the band featured a full horn-section but called it a day before recording anything. Drummer ‘Bie’ and Mukti continued to play together in ‘Belgian Asociality’, and Gregor & Mukti formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra’.<<

Mukti Gabriels; for the band