Tachyon (Bel) tape (1995)


(A) Dega Dega / Pour Papa / Restlessly Moving On / Civilisation / Rise And Shine / Vanessa Meets Biohazard

(B) Politique Belgique / The Eye Of The Needle / Fucking All The Fuck / Piece Of Shit / Awakening

‘Tachyon’ started in 1994 as a HC band with ska influences. They were from Antwerp: Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums; ex ‘Zyklome-A’ & ‘Ear Damage’), Mukti Gabriels (guitar/backing vocals; also in ‘Skatta’), ‘Bie Bak’ Walter De Bie (bass/backing vocals; ex ‘Verdomde Idioten’) and ‘Zap’ Mark Ooms (lead vocals/trombone). In a later stage more horns (trumpet by Gregor Engelen) were added and the ska become more prominent. They released an album entitled Burning Shoes. After the turn of the century Mukti & Gregor formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orkestra’.

My review in Tilt! #9: >>Super-energetic straightforward hardcore alternated with dub/ska-bits (backbeat, trombone and all that). Quite technical but very infectious and danceable. Lyrics tell about their discontent with life. These lads seem to have brains (it says ‘Antwerp Antifa Hardcore’ on the lyric-sheet e.g.) […]<<


>>The year is 1993. After ‘Ear Damage’ and ‘Verdomde Idioten’ (“damned idiots”) parted ways, drummer ‘Bie’ and bassist ‘Bie’ decided to start a new band. The two of them worked on songs in the attic of De Feedback, a punk-bar in the North of Antwerp. Mukti was also rehearsing there with ‘Skatta’ & ‘Moss’, and was asked to join as guitar-player. The sound was a melting-pot of all the musician’s backgrounds (mostly very fast hardcore punk) and the latest incarnation or wave of punk in California. That style was more challenging to play, with lots of rhythm-changes and breaks, and a strong sense of melody. It took some time to find a singer but the band found one in Mark, who also played the trombone. The band was eager to incorporate this sound seeing that using that instrument in fast hardcore hadn’t been done before. This also opened the door to playing an occasional ska or reggae song. After a year the self-titled debut was released as a tape. There were a few tours in neighbouring countries but most shows were played in Belgium. Over the following years the band started writing more ska-oriented songs and Gregor took over on vocals while Mark went to full time trombone playing. There are some lost tapes that never got released and around 1999 the band recorded a full CD with the new ska-punk sound, titled Burning Shoes. In the last year the band featured a full horn-section but called it a day before recording anything. Drummer ‘Bie’ and Mukti continued to play together in ‘Belgian Asociality’, and Gregor & Mukti formed the ‘Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra’.<<

Mukti Gabriels; for the band

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