Spinners (Tur) Dig The Hole, Forget The Sun; tape (1991)


(A): Overcome / Maggie (You Cunt) (‘The Exploited’ cover) / We’re Punk / Dig The Hole, Forget The Sun

(B): Anticipation / Fuck Acid / Shit In The World / La La La

This tape was sent to me by Sencer Üneri (editor of Punx Pest fanzine) I believe… ‘Spinners’ was an “all girl punk band” from Ankara. Members of the band were Zuhal ‘Suzy’ Keçecioğlu-Üneri (guitar/vocals), Demet (drums) and Vildiz (bass).

As far as I know they didn’t release anything else than this. But they did a song for the ‘Crass’ covers compilation (You’ve Heard It All Before; Ruptured Ambitions, ’93) and they were are also featured on the Turkish HC/punk compilation-7″ (Sevdasız Hayat Ölümdür – “life without love is death”, Underground Turkey) that Lük Haas released (’94) on his label Tian An Men 89. The songs from the tape were also used for a split-CD with ‘The X-Possibles’ (from New York City), released (in 2003) on the Istanbul-based label Attack To Society.

According to the women of ‘Spinners’, their “lyrics were seen as a potential threat since they talked about anarchy, anti-militarism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, child-molestation and animal-rights. They were also connected with many international anarchist organisations, which resulted in them publishing zines in English, not in Turkish.”…

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