>>Dirty Methods To Survive?<< (various) compilation (1988)


(A) Police Patrol / Gimme Gimme Gimme (‘Black Flag’ cover) / Black Mind / Slavery / Animal Aid – ‘Capital Scum’ * Sharon – ‘Afflict’ * Sexist Minds / Olympia / Overpowered – ‘Disgorge’ * Noise Gate / Fascist Skins / Go Skate Or Go Home – ‘Repulsives’ * The Lesson / What’s Worse / I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield cover) -‘Bambix’ * Why Did You Push My Love Away / Chichuahua Pearl / California – ‘Shooting Skippies’

(B) I Wanna See The Ramones / Drinking The Night Away – ‘The Dirty Scums’ * Zondags Geweld (“sunday violence”) / Nasty Ronny / Love Me Like A Reptile (‘Motörhead’ cover) – ‘Rough Justice’ * Histoire D’Horreur (“horror story”) / Les Cosaques (“the Cossacks“) – ‘M.S.T.’ * What You Think / An Inhuman Choice / Blind And Deaf – ‘Cry Of Terror’ * Myśli Zgon (“thought decease”) / Czas Apokalipsy (“time apocalypse”) – ‘The Corpse’ * Umysłowa Orgia (“mental orgy”) – ‘Nadzór’ *  ‘One Night Away’ – ‘Deadly Serious’

This was compiled by ‘Stoffy’ Kristof Van der Linden from Geraardsbergen. He was a friend of ‘The Dirty Scums’. Can’t remember who eventually released it but it was issued as a benefit for animal-rights action-groups. My mate ‘Leffe’ did a post on System/Sabotage/Chaos but the tracks are no longer availbale there…


Afflict (Eindhoven, Ned): ‘Scheet’ Martin Voorbij (bass), Ronny Verstraeten/ Mark Sparrius (guitar), ‘Juju’ Grotjans (drums), ‘Dr. J. Faustus’ Eeuwout Baart (vocals)

Bambix (Nijmegen, Ned): Nathalie Delisse (guitar), Willia ‘Wick’ van Houdt (drums/vocals), Maniet ‘Petite’ Voets (bass)

Capital Scum (Scherpenheuvel, Bel): ‘Pies’ Peter Laermans (vocals; possibly ‘Vark’ Filip Pauwels here), ‘Larrie’ Paul Laermans (guitar), Jurgen Surinx (bass), ‘Sox’ Filip Mulders (drums)

Cry Of Terror (Winterswijk, Ned): Hans Aalbers (vocals), Peter/Pierre ter Bogt (drums; R.I.P.), Walter Raben (bass), Wouter Maarse (guitar)

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): ‘Veld’ Edwin Vande Velde a.k.a. ‘The Big Blaster’ (drums), ‘Swat’ a.k.a. The Mighty PhD’ (vocals/guitar)

Disgorge (De Panne/Veurne, Bel): Jean-Luc Beyen (guitar/vocals), Tommy Viaene (drums), ‘Billy’ Johan Vieren (bass)

M.S.T. (Paris, Fra): Jean(not) Chaperon (drums), ‘Mickey Maouss’ Mickael Pichet (vocals: R.I.P.), Amédée (bass), Bouss(ad) ‘Boussman’ Lacheb (guitar), Christophe ‘Teuf’ (guitar, ex ‘Sherwood’)

Nadzór (Oświęcim, Pol): ‘SzpilaJanusz Piech (guitar), ‘Zeman’ Artur Żemła (drums), ‘Faji’ Tomasz Frej (bass; replaced ‘Polo’ Robert Wanat)

Repulsives (Tielt, Bel): Bart ‘Stinky Vanseveren (vocals/guitar; R.I.P.), Brob Tilt (guitar), Dirk Pattyn (drums), ‘Disorder’ Stefaan Dedeurwaerder/Joeri Arteel (bass)

Rough Justice (Aalst, Bel): Koen Taeleman (vocals), Piet Marcoen (guitar), Manu Cambier (bass), Joost Vandenbroeck (drums)

Shooting Skippies (Uden, Ned): Rens/’Mosje’ (vocals), ‘Skip’ Raymond Blom (bass), Ad Donkers (guitar), ‘Citroen’ Jeroen van den Brink (drums) [Roger was a temporary guitarist]

The Corpse (Łódź, Pol): Mariusz ‘Jakób’ Jakóbczak (guitar), Slawek Czubski (vocals), Jarek ‘Kuba’ Kupczyk (bass), Tomek ‘Johnny’ Chrzanowski (drums)

The Dirty Scums (Tielt, Bel): Bart ‘Pik’ D’Ooghe (guitar/vocals), Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums), Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo (bass)


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  1. Thanks Brob. I didn’t know this one.
    My ode to Kim Gordon was titled One Night With Kim Gordon (nót One Night Away as mentioned on the insert 😉)

    [Night With Kim Gordon; on the Music For Half Arsed People tape]


  2. Nice to see this back after so many years; thanks Brob.

    The 3rd ‘Shooting Skippies’ track was something with California but the working-title was Run Run Run… The first one was (as you can hear in the beginning) broadcasted on De Wilde Wereld [radioshow].
    These recordings are not our first ones because ‘Mosje’ is singing here, Gert Jan Achterberg and myself are playing guitar, ‘Skip’ on bass and Jeroen on drums. Gert quit to focus on his studies…
    Dick van Steijn never sung for the ‘Skippies’, he was the singer in my other band ‘The Bingo’s’. Because of the many gigs the ‘Skippies’ did in France, Germany & Belgium, I left and just did the bookings. I also had a job at EMI recs… Things went downhill then. Some people in the band had to be motivated to do new stuff and continue rehearsing… I was the worst musician but I did keep things going. I went back to ‘The Bingo’s’ who had no ambitions at all but had fun.
    ‘Wick’ of ‘Bambix’ played the drums for ‘The Bingo’s’ quite a while so did ‘Beer’, a fantastic drummer: when he was 10/11 he already played great jazz and stuff…
    Rens and I played in bands since ’77 and he was the one wo got me into the ‘Skippies’ in ’85. Before that they made a weird kind of music with a jazzrock guitarist (a friend of ‘Skip’)…


  3. Hi Brob, thanx for this tape. I’ve played in ‘Afflict’ and also played the song Sharon on the second ‘Afflict’ album. But this version is an early demo-version played by Mark. Anyway, great tape!


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