Moskwa (Pol) Nigdy!; demo (1986)


(side 1):

*** Nigdy! (“never”) / Za Kratami (“behind bars”) / Tylko Patrzymy (“we’re just watching”) / Czarna Data (“black date”) / Powietrza (“air”) / Wasze Ja (“yourself”) / Światło (“light”) / Propaganda / Fita Fita (“”) / Dzień Ocalenia (“salvation day”) [demo]

*** California / Last Rites / Znów Zle (“bad again”) [live in Bialystok, Feb. ’87]

(side 2):

*** Wstawaj I Walcz (“get up and fight”) / Slogan / Pokolenie Małp (“generation of monkeys”) / Sam Dalej (“himself next”) / Vistula (Latin name for the river Wisła) / Problem / Samobójstwa (“suicides”) / Masturbacja (masturbation”) / Krzyk (“scream”) / Koniec (“the end”) [demo]

*** Co Dzień/ Samobójstwa (“suicides”) / Zdrada (“betrayal”) [studio 1984]

Steven ‘Stel’ R. donated this tape from the Polish (Łódź) HC/punk band ‘Moskwa‘. It contains the demo and some extras (studio-recordings from 1984 and live in Białystok Feb. 1987) On the demo the line-up was ‘Guma’ Paweł Gumola (guitar/vocals), ‘Balon’ Dariusz Adryańczyk (bass/vocals) & ‘Wózek’ Jarek Woźniak (drums). By the time this tape was sent out ‘Guma’ was joined by Dariusz Malejonek (bass) & ‘Gogo’ Tomasz Kożuchowski (drums; also in ‘Armia’).

review in Metallised #11

A bit after this they released (on a Polish state label; there was no other way back then) their first (self-titled) LP which I reviewed in Tilt! #5: >>An album that reached me via East-Berlin… It sursprised me not just a little bit ’cause it doesn’t sound Polish at all (whatever that might be…). You’ll understand I can’t say much about the lyrics. Their music is fast HC with some cross-over touches and sounds very good. It’s certainly worth your attention.<<


We wanted to play punk-rock and recorded the Nigdy! tape for the main reason to get concerts, and to send out a decent message and offer people music different from what was on the radio/TV (that was just shit)…

Paweł Gumola

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