School Of Violence (USA) promo (1987)


Tracks: Religion / Stranger / Reign Of The Clown / Following Blind / U.S.B.S. / Man At The Top

When I travelled to Kopenhagen and Odense (Denmark) – summer of 1986 – I ran into Karl Agell in Anderz Nielsen’s flat. Karl was the singer of the Connecticut-based HC band ‘Seizure’… A few years later I received a promotional copy of We The People…?, the album of ‘School Of Violence’ (NYC metal/crossover band) for which Karl was doing the vocals. It was released on Death recs (a division of Metal Blade recs)…

review in Metallised #9

This tape is from the collection of Steven ‘Stel’ R. The cover is the same as a tape which was recorded live @ C.B.G.B. in 1986 (but there’s different tracks listed). The song Religion was also on the Complete Death II compilation. The others appeared on the album. Apparently Brian Childers (later in ‘Crawlpappy‘) was just replaced by Karl Agell (ex ‘Seizure’, later ‘C.O.C.’). The others in the band were M.S. Evans (drums), Rick Stone (bass) and Stegmon Von Heintz (guitar).


This demo is with previous singer Brian Childers. We were friends. He died several years ago.

Karl Agell

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