Paruzija (Cro) promo (1998)


 Bioritam Duše (“biorhythm of the soul”) / Malo Dobrih Ljudi (“few good people”) / Raspet (“crucified“) / Božja Pjesma (“song of god”) / Osobno (“personally”) / Refleksija (“reflection”) / Blues / Paruzija [tracks from the compilation-CD Tribute To Our Parents]

Juda (“Judas”) / Psalm No. 0 / Moralna Većina (“moral majority”) / Eho (“echo”) / Jadikovka (“lament“) / Međusvijet (“underworld”) / Tišina I Šutnja (“quietude and silence”) / Spoznaja (“comprehension”) [tracks from the EP Nulti Psalam]

This tape was either sent to me by Darko Kosalec (Hyperion recs, Zagreb) for review (intended for Tilt! #10) or perhaps a donation by my friend Teo Petričević who mentioned them in his zine… It was advertised as ‘ljepota HC stvarnosti’ (attractive HC reality”) ‘…kao stvarnost nepodnošljive težine postojanja u strukturama grijeha’ (“the reality of the unbearable weight of existence in the structures of sin“). The lyrics were sung in Croatian.

This HC outfit (Zagreb & Kutina) consisted of Boris Gunjević (vocals), Hrvoje Jagarinec (bass), Pavle Vučinić (drums; also in ‘Razlog Za’) and Zdravko Šavor (guitar). They were labeled a “christian band” by some…


‘Peruzija’ means judgment day. The songs deal with human greed and the carelessness for humanity; about life. At the time the singer was studying [theology] at a lutheran-protestant university… [Nowadays reverend Boris is a pastor of the evangelical lutheran church in England.] There are some lyrics about christianity but nothing extreme…

Darko Kosalec

‘Peruzija’ refers to the situation after the apocalypse. It comes from the Greek word “parusija” [παρουσία = presence/appearance/arrival]. There’s many meanings to it; literary it means the arrival/presence of a new testament thelogy, and generally: the second coming of christ. There are 4 individuals in the band and it’s obvious that their visions/ way of thinking are different…

Teo Petričević (in his zine You & Me)

‘Paruzija’ was active since 1997 (I think) till 2000, with a short reunion in 2005 and last live gig in Močvara (alternative club in Zagreb). We also released a second album, entitled 999 Zlo I Naopako. There’s an official video of our song Malo Dobrih Ljudi. After the break-up of ‘Paruzija’ we formed ‘Kiper’ in 2007 (still more or less active) without singer Boris but with 2 additional members ‘Six’ [Danijel Sikora] & ‘Misch’ [Krešimir Certić].

Zdravko Šavor

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