>>Vollsuff sampler 1<< (Ger) compilation (1984)


(A): Yellow Lights / Tin Can Army / Guten Morgen BRD / Führer Befiehl – ‘Tin Can Army’ * Lieber Egoldt / Stumpfsinn / Ficken / Oh Gott (live) – Mut Aus Flaschen * Wir Sind Schon Tot / Wodka  2:30 / Skinhead / Massenmord – ‘Inferno’ * Weltkrieg / Hardcore – ‘Maniacs’

(B): Der Kampf Wird Weitergeh’n / Grenada Today – ‘Maniacs’ * Oi Oi Oi / America / We Hate Cops / Kriegszustand – ‘Scapegoats’ * Bullenstaat / Sprüh Es An Die Wand / Verpiss Dich / Der Deutsche Stirbt Aus – ‘Abzess’ * Governments Arguments / Streetfight / Maniac Run / System Lies, System Dies – ‘Voices Of Protest’

This is a tape from my friend Mokka’s collection… All bands are from Germany.

Vollsuff  was “das Zine für alle Punx und Sympathisanten” that Karl-Heinz Stille (Möglingen, north of Stuttgart) did. With the slogan “Bier, na klar” on the cover, obviously the description “erstes Deutsche SxE zine” is ironic… He also released tapes. This one was the first, I believe…


I did five compilation-tapes: Vollsuff 1-4 [2 = Schlaftrunk (“nightcap”), 3 = Umtrunk Oder (“drink or”] and Hit Oder Niete [“hit or bummer”]. The tape-label started with the first compilation in 1983. The idea was to have a tape with each issue of the zine (or vice versa, bands featured on both). The first three compilations sold quite good (500-700 tapes). Number 4 was only available with Vollsuff #4 (which had a small print-run of 25). I also put out a lot of live-tapes (all in all more than 100): I recorded most of the shows that I went to and distributed them. Some of the recordings are still circulating. When I got sick of the Vollsuff-label (which means “totally drunk” – which was odd because I wasn’t drinking that much at all), I changed the name of the fanzine and the tape-label, did one more compilation titled Hit Oder Niete and finally quit the the tape-label around 1990/91. I still write for OX magazine…

Karl-Heinz Stille


Abzess (Bremerhaven): Mathias Brünjes (guitar/vocals), Ulf Kück (bass), ? (drums)

Inferno (Augsburg): ‘Archie Alert’ Christian Pfister (guitar; later ‘Vellocet’, ‘Happy Hour’ & ‘Terrorgruppe’), ‘Zong’ Stefan Vetter (bass), Bernhard Hlava, ‘Donald’ a.k.a. ‘Howie’ (vocals), Lorenz ‘Max’ Praxenthaler a.k.a. ‘Praxe’ (drums; later Rolf of ‘Cat-O-Nine Tails’)

Maniacs (Rotenburg an der Fulda/Göttingen): Kai-Uwe Schönewolf (drums), ‘Kümmel’ Peter Küllmer (bass), Peter Thomas (guitar), ‘Socke’ Thomas Schedensack (vocals)

Mut Aus Flaschen (Rüsselsheim/Frankfurt): Dirk Christoph (bass), J.P. Rapp (drums), ‘Danny’ Jürgen Stiehl (guitar), Thomas Morawek (vocals)

Scapegoats (Klausdorf/Kiel): ‘Kalle Stielzel’ Karl-Heinz Tolkmit (drums), Olav Nielsen (bass), Ulf Nagel (guitar), Henning Prochnow (vocals)

Tin Can Army (Göttingen): Steve (vocals), Hugo (guitar), Miele (bass), Thomme (drums)

Voices Of Protest (Neuhausen/Stuttgart): Ralf Sandner (vocals), Ralf Kohler (bass), Andy Gabka (guitar), Volkmar Scheider (drums)


‘Voices Of Protest’ rose from the ashes of the punk band ‘Fehlproduckt’, that disbanded in 1981. It was one of the bands of the 2nd wave of Stuttgart punk, among ‘Ätzer 81’ and ‘Chaos Z’ (who played their 1st show with ‘Fehlproduckt’)… I’m still active today in the bands ‘Murder Disco X’ & ‘Iron Gates, and booking shows under rhe name Better Gigs.

Ralf Sandner

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